Your Self-Worth: More Than Numbers

By: Prathusha Yeruva, Guest Blogger

GPA is an abbreviation that often sends high school and college students into a panic-stricken worry. Grade point average definitely does play a role in college admissions but, it isn’t everything. It’s important to understand that colleges look at applications holistically, and it’s also crucial to remember that your GPA doesn’t define you. After all, look at you! You’re a wonderful, complex human being. How could a couple of numbers possibly tell your story?


Understand where you’re at.  It can be hard to receive your final grades and see less than perfect grades, especially if that is something that you aimed for. The first step to accepting it and striving for better grades next semester is understanding why you didn’t reach your goals. What was it that kept you from reaching your potential, academically? Not enough sleep? Too many extracurriculars? Find the things that held you back and deal with them. Maybe only work twice a week, or maybe you should stop going to meetings for a club that you don’t really enjoy. It’s important to be gentle with yourself during this process, be truthful, but don’t keep guilting yourself.

Find out what you can do. Make a game plan and start scheduling better. Consider embedding some new organizational tactics into your life, Google calendar, a new planner. Learn what works for you. Ask for help if you need it, you should never feel embarrassed to ask for assistance from your parents, teachers, or even your school counselors.

Remember that this isn’t the end Failure is not a permanent state. Just because things didn’t work out this past semester, doesn’t mean that they won’t work out it the future. You just need to give it your all, and keep up with it. When you feel yourself losing motivation, remember your last semester, and how you’d like to go back and fix that. Rectify it by doing well now, by keeping your head above water. Also, please don’t be too hard on yourself. Grades are not everything, and they aren’t a reason to feel horribly about yourself. If you feel that you are spiraling downward due to stress about grades, please talk to your school counselors or your teachers, and they will do their best to help you.

At the end of the day, it’s crucial to keep everything in perspective. One bad semester won’t ruin everything. If you are worried about what colleges will think, keep in mind that an upward trend is very highly looked upon. Just keep on looking forward, think of everything to come and all the wonderful things that you will achieve. Good luck!

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About Prathusha

prath.jpgPrathusha Yeruva hails from the Great Lake state and is currently a sophomore at Troy Athens High School. She has an interest in biology and journalism, as well as in female empowerment. She founded a She's the First chapter at her high school (an organization that sponsors girls' education in the developing world), and that opportunity has definitely given her a more developed lens on women's issues globally. In her free time, Prathusha drinks an abundance of coffee, listens to indie bands, and uses ampersands & parentheses excessively.


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