Your Random Acts of Kindness Cheat Sheet

By: Beth Kirlin, Guest Blogger



Kindness, compassion, and love. When they seem out of reach, remember they are always closer than you think. Here's 50 ways to love through random acts of kindness right at your finger tips!


  1.  Give thanks for gestures big and small.  
  2. LOL with a friend.
  3. Compliment others freely & often.
  4. Bake cookies and bring them to work.
  5. Say hello to someone you pass on the street.
  6. Follow through on promises.
  7. Let the person with less groceries go first in line.
  8. Post an inspirational quote on a friends Facebook page.
  9. Share something you learned.
  10. Have a conversation with someone new.
  11. Let someone know you are thinking about them.
  12. Say I’m sorry and mean it.
  13. Lend a hand, often and humbly.
  14. Cook dinner for your friends.
  15. Create a surprise moment for someone special.
  16. Listen to others with your full, undivided attention.
  17. Buy a coffee for the next person in line.
  18. Host a makeover night.
  19. Hug someone you just met.
  20. Ask a store clerk how their day is going and really listen.
  21. Give your leftovers to the homeless.
  22. Tell someone how much you care about them.
  23. Donate clothes to charity.
  24. Take your dog for a very long walk.
  25. Give with no expectations in return.
  26. Hold the door for others.
  27. Take out the trash.
  28. Nurture others: mind, body & spirit.
  29. Make a friend a mix of new music.
  30. Spend quality time with your family.
  31. Take care of the planning details.
  32. Send a funny card to a friend.
  33. Allow other cars to easily merge into traffic.
  34. Share what you have to give.
  35. Leave a sweet note for someone to find.
  36. Pay the toll for another car.
  37. Give your girlfriends fun clothes you no longer wear.
  38. Leave a penny.
  39. Hold space for others.
  40. Over tip your waiter/waitress.
  41. Buy someone flowers.
  42. Offer to drive.
  43. Add sparkles, just because.
  44. Hold hands.
  45. Color, paint and dance with a child.
  46. Smile.
  47. Give out tootsie pops.
  48. Forgive.
  49. Be Yourself.
  50. Say I love you at least once a day.


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