Your Life, Your Fairytale

By: Lea Ware, Guest Blogger

In an open field surrounded by lilacs and daises, stood a girl who wore a tulle gown, white as snow. This gown was not just any gown, this gown had eight hundred jewels and the letters “MP” embroidered in the back of her dress.

She leaned against a stone wall, looking out of a broken glass window, her long shiny brown hair blew in the wind as her eyes sparkled from the shining bright sun.

She thought she was a princess. But in reality, she was really an 8-year-old girl who had a dream to make a difference in the world. At an early age her creativity and imagination captured many hearts and smiles. She knew one day she would do something remarkable.

Every night before she went to bed, she took out a piece of paper and wrote down one thing she would want to accomplish in her life. Since she was a child, anything was possible.

On this piece of paper she wrote ideas such as:

Find prince charming

Having a dream job as a cashier

Be the most beautiful princess in the world

Meet Selena Gomez and become friends

At her age, she thought these were her ultimate goals in life but as the years went on she wanted to create something incredible and pursue something bigger then she could ever imagine. Her goal was to make a difference and become a role model for girls around the world.


Now to some this may not be a dream or goal, but in her case it was! She was the type of girl who never took NO for an answer, the girl who had multiple dreams, the girl who was always smiling even when she was sad, the girl who wanted to solve a cure for cancer, the girl who dreamed of becoming an author, the girl who dreamed of becoming an actress, the girl who she knew was no quitter.

No dream was too big for her. Of course most dreams were very attainable, but most of her goals required hard work, dedication, perseverance, and most importantly belief. In order to achieve your dreams you have to believe in yourself.

But, there was one thing missing, something big that was meant to be apart in her life. As she stared at her dream board, she saw a piece of paper that said I AM THAT GIRL. In her curiosity she had come across this organization. IATG is a community on a mission to inspire girls to be, love, and express who they are. They want to show the best version of each us. We are perfectly flawed and beautiful in our own skin. They want us to know that we are not alone and we are in this together. As she read these words aloud, she knew why she wanted to be THAT GIRL. IATG is not just a community. It is our family, our friends, and is something that we hold close to our heart.  

As the night went on, she had received a package in the mail. This package was not your typical package. This package was covered in pink and had IATG written on the front. As she had seen those letters, she had a huge smile on her face and knew that this moment was how she felt when she was eight years old. As excited as she was, she had pulled out a white shirt that had pink letters written across. As she quickly ran into the room, she put on her shirt and looked at herself in the mirror. As she stared at herself she saw a princess who had beautiful brown long hair and the largest smile on her face that only she could see.

She realized that you don’t need a gown covered in rhinestones and a prince charming to become a princess. She knew that at this moment she wasn’t just a princess, she was a role model for girls and knew that one day she will inspire others. So for all you girls out there reading this article, I want to invite you to join this movement and BE THAT GIRL! You are the author of your own fairy tale, make it a bestseller!

Let's Chat! What tales, quests, and dreams are you thinking about today? Believe you can make them happen; write your own life story!

About Lea

leaware.jpgLea also known as MissGlitterFreak, is a Canadian with a BBA in Management and specialized in leadership. In her spare time she has managed to become an author, a YouTuber and a role model for girls around the world. Her ultimate goal in life is to make a difference and is so honored to be a part of “IATG” community and to share her voice.



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