You Say Goodbye, I say Hello: When Friends Come and Go

By: Claire Cook, Regular Contributor



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One of my dearest friends is leaving LA this week to travel around Europe for three months. I’m absolutely thrilled for her, but my heart breaks at the thought of not having constant spur of the moment coffee/wine/dinner/movie/sleepover friend dates. With no “next step” set in stone, her return to LA is completely dependent on what she decides during her journeys over the next few months. Since moving to Los Angeles, this woman has become the big sister I never had, and I know I will feel her absence immensely.

This impending loss has made me reflect on the friends that have come in and out of my life in the past 26 years; some have and will remain life long friends and others have come and gone. All of them have changed my life and shaped the woman I’ve become. I’ve shared my highs, my lows, and my funniest/most awkward “date me” moments with my girlfriends and knowing that they will inevitably come in and out of my life is a hard pill to swallow as a creature of habit. However, I’m challenging myself, as much as possible, to focus on the positives of how they’ve impacted my life and how I’ll save their memories for those rainy days when I need a laugh or a smile.

In addition, nowadays it’s a lot easier to keep up with friends near and far. Whenever I feel lonely or want to catch up, I can now tweet, Facebook, email, Snap Chat, Skype, text, call, OR even write a letter to a friend. Even if they are not a current staple of my life, they are “virtually” always there and it’s surprising how often I forget that.

So, as I prepare to say goodbye (for now) I’m also preparing for the time I’ll have to reflect on the personal journeys we’ve taken side by side in the time we’ve known each other. Before I know it, she’ll be back and we’ll be catching up on the three months we weren’t attached at the hip and, should I feel friend sick, I know she’ll just be a call/text/tweet/email away.


About Claire: Claire “Bear” Cook is a regular contributor to I AM THAT GIRL who spends her days working in marketing at a multimedia company in Los Angeles. Having lived in New York City for 3 years and grown up on the East Coast, she moved to LA in 2013 on a leap of faith to build her career and broaden her perspective. Claire is passionate about travel, running, music, karaoke, walruses & wine and enjoys spending her free time with free-thinking, creative & positive people.     


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