You're More Than a Score

By Marissa Parks, Regular Contributor

Alright, this goes out to all my school folks. This article features some brilliant advice that I received from a professor of mine recently, so listen up! Whether you are boggled down with homework or can’t even remember the last time you spent more than 6 hours sleeping, keep this in mind: YOU ARE MORE THAN A SCORE!


After receiving a test back that I had not done so well on, I literally had a mental breakdown in my professor’s office. I had studied day and night, attended class religiously, did the homework he gave us, read the text book inside and out, and spent the whole weekend studying (which is extremely hard in college). I had felt completely stupid for doing worse than I expected, and being sleep deprived, I was already not in an easy state of mind. Seeing my test score, even just talking about it with my peers made me upset, and I had no clue how to handle my stress. So I went to my professor’s office and we went over what I did wrong. After arguing and negotiating points, I was able to scrape up a couple of curve points, but still not to what I wanted. My eye sight started getting foggy, and I immediately knew what was about to happen. I hate crying (much less crying in public)

My professor looked at me like I was crazy, literally. He gave me the strangest look as he handed me a box of tissues as I was balling my eyes out over his desk. A few minutes of the dry-heaving crying lasted and I was able to regain my breath and calm down. A full blown break down was unexpectedly thrown on the agenda and later a pep-talk that completely changed my view of school. My professor said that though tests are important in school, he saw me participate in extra-curricular activities and go through experiences throughout college that had matured me more than a test will ever show. He said that experiences such as extra-curricular activities, jobs, friendships, family, volunteer work and life experiences help shape you; they help you mature and show you how to live your life. I mean, think about it, can you honestly learn about how to manage time, resolve conflict, or even how to conduct a meeting from a textbook? You learn it from living life and experiencing what does and does not work in the real world. I am not saying to blow off school, but take a chance to enjoy life and experience things that you would not typically learn in a class room or from a book you bought on Amazon. And if you end up getting a ‘not so hot grade,’ understand that it happens and the way you deal with it will shape who you are. YOU are more than what a test grade will ever show!

Let's chat! Have you ever had a "not so hot" grade? How did you overcome the feeling? What do you do in school that means more to you than a test score? Share with us!

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MARISSA_PARKS_(1).jpgMarissa Parks is a junior at Texas State University in San Marcos. Other than being a bobcat, she is a member of the Human Rights Campaign and a huge fan of HEB tortilla chips and breakfast tacos. She believes in helping women be the best they can be and equality for everyone. You will most likely find her floating the river, reading a book or hiking in Austin.



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