You Deserve More Than A Selfie

By Eliana Taylor, Regular ContributorJuly 8, 2015

Recently, popular youtuber, Superwoman, discussed a very important topic that is drastically changing this generation, and we don’t even think twice about it.

All around us we see people looking at their phones and smiling, placing the camera here and there, smiling again, looking down, growling, putting the phone back up, tilting their head, spinning a little to the left and smiling some more. We like to call this the selfie.

People everywhere are looking for the perfect lighting, the best angle, the most picturesque background, the list goes on and on. Yet, they aren’t looking up and around at what surrounds them.

They aren’t looking at what’s there to create that perfect memory.



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So many people are focused on what will get them the most likes and comments on their social media sites of choice that sometimes they don’t even think about how other people feel or what they might be missing out on. Superwoman brought to light the struggle that she holds as a “popular” person on the internet, as there are times she feels like an object. She stated that when people meet her they don’t even want to get to know who she is; they just want to snap and go. This brought up the point that sometimes we act like selfies are our memories. However, the reality is that if you don’t take the time to make a moment there is nothing to remember. It will just be another picture among the mass sea of selfies.

But if you take the time to talk to people, look at what’s around, have a laugh, start a conversation, figure out who people are and what’s going on and then you take a selfie… then you will have a memory to go with that beautiful smile.

Our generation has started to convince itself that the validation we receive from taking a selfie and getting likes and comments is better than the actual moment. This is false! While others may enjoy your pictures, you are the only one who can enjoy that moment in time. This is not to go and say that selfies are bad, we all love that perfect picture. The point is that selfies should not make our memories. To create a moment with people, even the popular ones, you need to stop and learn about who they are. Don’t make them an object, but enjoy their company because that is the thing that you will remember

Wrapping this up, as Superwoman put it, “You are deserve more than a deserve a memory.”

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