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By: Sharelle CameronGuest BloggerJuly 4, 2015

“I don’t need somebody to complete me. I complete myself.”-Jessica Simpson (I Belong To Me) 

Very recently, pop superstar Ariana Grande wrote a lengthy essay via Twitter about the importance of sisterhood and the double standards that plague both men and women. The girl may be young, but she made nothing but valid points.  

In her rant, she stated that she does not belong to anyone and quite often women tend to only feel some sort of worth when they are in a romantic relationship with a man. A woman is always referred to as belonging to someone else, as if they are property. Ladies, Ariana’s right, we belong to ourselves. It’s important we learn to stop referring to ourselves as someone else’s. It’s okay to say, “Jake is my boyfriend,” and it’s okay to agree that you are each other’s;

 but don’t forget that you are an individual whose worth cannot be measured by any man or partner.  


Years ago, Jessica Simpson came out with a song entitled I Belong To Me, and while it wasn’t a huge hit, it’s a song that many women should take a listen to. She makes a lot of wise points. The song is simply a declaration to oneself. She states that love doesn’t mean giving yourself up to be what somebody wants you to be. This is something that I think a lot of people (especially women) tend to forget. We don’t have to change to be accepted. That one true love will accept you just the way you are…flaws and all.  

Ariana reiterated many of the points used in this song when she stood up for women’s rights and the double standards placed upon us. We are just as free as men, so let’s enjoy our freedom and not restrict ourselves any longer. You are completely who you are, and you should own it. You can be in a committed relationship without belonging to anyone. You can be as one with your partner without losing yourself. If you’re the female in the relationship, know that you are not inferior but are the other half to an equal part. This means you should be treated as such by your partner and society.  

Let’s start thinking higher of ourselves and stop referring to each other as a "person’s past, present, or future" (as Ariana stated). Let’s start thinking of ourselves and each other as who we are and who we want to be. Together, we can be those girls and change the future! 

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