You Are The Awaited Spark!

By Jolie Brownell, IATG ContributorJuly 4, 2015


“You can change the world!” has always been a little daunting to hear. But I believe this statement scares me and many others because we have the wrong idea of what true change looks like. When I think of someone “changing the world” I see someone starting up huge revolutions. I see someone finding the cure to cancer or someone ending all starvation and animal cruelty. What I don’t see is myself doing these things, and the truth is, you and I can't do these things, especially not alone. But there is something we can do, we can both be the sparks that ignite these changes.

In order to make a difference in the world, you don’t have to do these “huge” things all by yourself. You need to realize that the greatest change starts with the little things.

It takes one spark to ignite a blazing fire, so let’s be that spark.

We can’t end all starvation, but we can go out and feed the homeless and the hungry in our communities. We can’t end all animal cruelty, but we can protest and fight for what is right. We can’t end all suicide, but we can be kind to everyone and let strangers know they are loved and appreciated. Our small actions put together with other small actions will create a bigger change than anyone could imagine. So don’t shy away because you don’t think you’re capable of making change. You are more than capable! You are the awaited spark!

Being the best version of who you are is pretty much the best way you can make a change. You and I were given special gifts and talents so that they could be used to help others. I have the passion of encouraging girls and women, and I have made it my goal to help girls feel more confident in who they are. You have passions too, so use them!

Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t make a difference, because you CAN!

Every action you do is capable of creating change, whether it’s smiling at someone down the street, giving someone a true compliment, or any other acts of kindness.

You are a game changer. You are a spark, so go set some souls on fire! Let’s start with bettering ourselves and then head out into our communities. Let’s get others on board, and let’s change the world! I’ll start here and you start where you’re at. Whenever you get the chance to help someone, do it. The ripple effect will go beyond what your mind could ever imagine.  We are a team, and there is nothing that can stop us.



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Set a spark today! Go out today and do one random act of kindness. Buy the person’s coffee in line behind you, compliment a stranger, or leave a kind note on someone’s car. The possibilities are endless and the impact will be more than you could imagine!

About Jolie:

Jolie_B.jpgJolie is a passionate teenage I AM THAT GIRL Chapter leader in Beaverton, Oregon. Who, like many other girls, is sick of society making her feel inadequate and unheard, so has made it her goal to change the norms of this world and help create a new norm where girls are encouraged, heard, and accepted!

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