You Are Not A Category

By: S. Elle Cameron, Guest Blogger

“The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun!”-Shania Twain (“Man! I Feel Like a Woman)

For the past few months I’ve been writing about being a strong woman in a society that values men. One thing I realized that I forgot to speak about was the importance of still embracing your femininity while remaining strong in a male dominated world. I’ve noticed that women tend to get knocked for identifying with things that are stereotypical for a woman to like/enjoy. While I believe it is important for us to prove ourselves as being strong and authoritative, I also find it equally important to maintain the duties of a woman.

First off, it’s okay to put your partner first and cook/clean for them if that’s what you enjoy to do. This doesn’t make you a “weak” or “old fashioned 1950s” kind of woman. A lot of the time we place a negative connotation on the idea of the 1950s woman, but the truth is she wasn’t all bad. By nature, women are nurturing creatures so we may gravitate towards things like taking care of a household and raising children. On average, mothers spend way more time with their children than fathers. Yearning for this does not mean that you are a weak woman or that you don’t embrace feminism. Feminism just simply means that you believe that women deserve the same rights and equal treatment as men in the workplace, schools, home, and society in general. Just like it is perfectly okay for men to yearn for these things too. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, and taking care of children isn’t solely a woman’s job either, but if you want it to be that’s not a bad thing.


Let’s face it! Our partners find it hot if we’re capable of cooking a delicious meal and keeping up a clean/neat home. It’s a great feature to have! I don’t believe that we should dismiss these things because society belittles it or makes fun of women who fit this description. Like it or not, these things are part of womanhood. Just because you clean your house and cook for your family doesn’t mean that you are conforming to society’s laws (trust me, I am not one for conformity), it just means that you are embracing your nurturing nature. After all, men and women do have separate roles and this isn’t a bad thing. There are some things women do better and some things men do better. Having separate roles creates a stronger environment (no one can do it all!), but it is important to remember that we are more than just our roles and shouldn’t be defined by them. If it’s not your thing then that’s totally fine! Not everyone has to fill the same shoes or fit into a specific role.

So go ahead and embrace wearing your tight skirts, shopping for hours, or taking care of a home because it all matters and you are not a category. You’re a woman who has the ability to take over a company, graduate first in your class, and bear a child! You were perfectly made to do all of these things so go ahead and embrace your role in society and BE THAT GIRL!

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