Writing For Life, My Life Is Writing

By: ClaireforClarity, Guest Blogger

it’s not easy being green.

-Kermit the Frog

I have always felt as if I did not belong. When I first heard Kermit say those words it felt as if he was talking directly to me. I was just a little girl growing up on a tiny island in the Caribbean but I identified with a Muppet frog. My life was violent, chaotic, and traumatic from day one but, at the time, it was the only life I knew. I cannot say exactly when writing became my savior but it did. When I write my spirit soars and I am one within and without. I feel like I belong---that there is a place for someone green like me.

Writing was like oxygen to me.

When I write feel I could conquer anything, overcome any barrier, break through any obstacle, and challenge any darkness. The act of writing allows me to break through my greenness; it allows me to shine if only for a brief moment in time. Whenever I am most alone I can pick up a pen or pencil and paper to write about my greatest dreams, visions, and insights or about my deepest angst. 

I grew and came to understand the world was not just black or white but black, white, and all the colors of the rainbow and more: I wrote. When the abuse, trauma, violence and darkness threatened to take my very life away from me I used my trusty pen and paper to fight back. I won as long as I could write. My writing served as shield, sword, armor and helmet against literal and metaphorical foes, against immovable mountains, dangerous and dark alleyways, and the most dangerous of storms. Not even the betrayal of a friend, who stole my work for profit, stopped my unrelenting propulsion. I wrote through it all. 


When I realized that I was not the best writer or my writing might not reach as many as hoped I continued onward. Outside criticism or validation never swayed me from my chosen path. I was going to write for my life no matter what. I have no choice. Why?

Writing is like oxygen to me.

Today I have hit the halfway mark in life and writing is still everything to me. I have won some battles and lost most but there is one thing that remains constant in my life. I am a writer and that is that. My hope is to one day inspire and motivate many with my words. I write to save my life. Maybe, through my writing I can help save, inspire and motivate others. Now I am passing the torch to my daughter who is realizing the importance writing plays in her life. She is green too and fell in love with Kermit at a young age.

Writing is becoming like oxygen to her.

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About ClaireForClarity

FullSizeRender.jpgClaireforClarity is a Mount Holyoke College, Frances Perkins Scholar class of 1999. After she graduated she chose to take care of family and home. Claire manages her daughter’s online home school program. She blogs and watches Korean dramas in her spare time.

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