Why You Should Be Meditating

By Maureen Brown, Guest Blogger July 21, 2015

If you are like me, you have goals upon goals, an array of passions to nurture, a rainy day to-do list that keeps growing, and an unquenchable thirst to achieve your life’s purpose. Not to mention a job, a social life, and loved ones and friendships to attend to.

Life can be overwhelmingly hectic. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos and lose your equilibrium. So how do you stay centered in the midst of a busy, modern life?

The answer is simple, it is free, and it can be done anywhere, at any time, by yourself or with others. It is meditation. All it takes is going to a peaceful place, getting quiet and breathing.

If the thought of meditation scares you, don’t let it. You can’t be bad at meditating. You can’t do it wrong. Whatever you get out of it, that’s what you were meant to, at that point in time.

You can never be too busy for it either. If you make the time for meditation, you will have the time for everything else. That’s the type of effect it can have on you. 


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So with that, I’d like to share the five best perks I’ve gotten out of making meditation a daily practice.

1. It’s a time-out for my brain.
Raise your hand if you are constantly bombarded by thoughts racing through your mind. It’s hard to turn your brain off when you are jumping from scenario to scenario, reliving the past or playing the what-if’s of the future over and over again. Close your eyes, breath in and out. Eventually your brain will slow down and you will feel at peace.

2. It’s a time where I get to listen to my soul speak.
You know that inner voice that speaks to who you truly are as a person, that whispers to you your hopes, dreams, and essential truths? It’s front and center when you meditate. When you get quiet, you can actually focus in on the deepest part of you. Once you connect to this on a regular basis, it’s easy to start living a truly authentic life the way you were meant to.  

3. It’s a no-judgement zone.
The modern world is chock full of ego-traps. It holds your appearance, your monetary worth, your social media presence, and your career in high-regard. It’s easy to let superficial status symbols take control. But none of those things matter when you meditate. It’s just you and the universe, connecting.

If the thought of meditation scares you, don’t let it. You can’t be bad at meditating. You can’t do it wrong. 

4. It’s a way to focus.
As a writer and artist, it’s imperative that I be disciplined with my commitment to both passions. When I slow down and get quiet, I can focus on where my time and energy is going. If it’s not going towards my passions, then I readjust. It’s a good reality check for your life, a way to hold yourself accountable.

5. It transports you to the present moment.
All we have is the present moment. The past is just memories, the present is unknown and not guaranteed, yet we spend so much energy on both. Meditating brings us to the exact location and moment in time that we are currently living. It allows you a chance to live in the present moment in gratitude; to feel the sun, smell the ocean, listen to the birds. It’s hard not to feel connected to everything and everyone. 

When you feel connected, you act out of love instead of ego, fear, or hate. So essentially, you are changing the world for the better, one meditation practice at a time.

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