Why Today Starts with Truth, Not Coffee.

By Chelsey Reardon, Regular ContributorDecember 14, 2015


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I was in child’s pose and mentally preparing for an hour and 15 minute butt-whooping when I overheard a woman in yoga class referring to her morning routine: “It usually starts with my morning cup of truth,” she laughed. Are you kidding me?! I wanted to hug her.

I refrained and decided to mentally thank her for her wisdom instead. Today this woman and her morning cup of truth are my muse.

How simple, the idea of starting your day with you.

What if the moment you woke up, you started your day with truth?

I’m beginning to believe that a happy life is reached through the process of elimination and that our job as 20-somethings may not be to “find” ourselves but rather to “shed” all the things that aren’t meant for us.

But how do we know what’s meant for us?

It’s not easy to narrow down our truth when there are so many moving parts in our worlds. It's even harder when the internet allows us to be so up close and personal with what we believe to be other people’s truths.

We may think we see what we want in their beach yoga posts, large fitness followings, or their cute couple vacation photos, but we’re looking for truth by means of comparison.

It won’t work.

Honesty hour: I usually start my day with a morning cup of coffee, followed by a scroll through instagram. It usually ends in a big ol’ cup of late for work. There certainly isn’t a lot of time for self reflection or truth. My desperate need to see what everyone else is doing deprives me of time spent with myself — time that, I’m beginning to understand, is incredibly valuable.

I have a friend who is very successful at what he does (and more importantly, he loves doing it). He told me he makes two-year goals. He writes these goals down and keeps them in a drawer by his bed. His truth is on this paper, and he reads it every morning before he starts his day.

Where’s your truth? Have you written it down? Do you sit with it and sip on it every day like you would your morning cup of coffee? Have you shut the noise out long enough to hear it? Or taken the time to speak it and to taste it as it rolls off the tip of your tongue?

Your truth isn’t out there somewhere waiting for you to find it. It’s certainly not something you’ll uncover in a 15 minute-social media scroll. Your truth is underneath the layers of expectations your comparisons create — layers you need to shed. It’s in the solitude of a simple morning routine, in a journal entry, a conversation with a good friend, a list of affirmations that you read yourself every day. It's in a bible verse or in the silence of a 10-minute meditation.

Your truth is somewhere in the moments you choose to invest in yourself.

Your truth is in your daily dose of you.

Let's chat!

How do you start your mornings? What's you truth? How do you stay accountable to it? Tell us below!

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