Why I Love Amal Clooney & You Should Too

By Rachel Benbrook Mason, Regular ContributorSeptember 30, 2015

Amal Clooney (Allamuddin) has become known as one of the world’s most renowned human rights attorneys. Despite her plethora of accomplishments, the media has often referred to Amal as the wife of actor George Clooney. She’s an incredibly talented woman, with a resume to put many individuals to shame, yet the media has the (in my opinion) audacity to refer to her simply as the wife of a famous individual, when she is rightfully famous herself.  


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Recently, the AP tweeted about a case she was working on and simply referred to her as “an actor’s wife” when describing her amidst the events of the case she was representing. This not only demeans and overshadows her accomplishments, which are receiving recognition in the press; it also limits her and other women to the status of only having as much value as their husbands provide them.

Amal and her work deserve to have recognition.

The British born attorney attended Oxford and graduated with a degree in law. She has since then been appointed as an advisor to Kofi Annon of the UN and worked on the Enron case. At present, she is representing the president of the Maldives in a difficult battle where he has been accused and arrested for a terrorism charge, that Amal and his legal team believe to be false.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey said it best while they were the emcees of the Golden Globes.  They jokingly listed off Amal’s accomplishments in the human rights field and then said that tonight her husband would be receiving a lifetime achievement award for his work in Hollywood.

They implied through humor, that Amal herself is just as, if not far more so, accomplished as her husband, and she should not be put aside simply because she is married to a famous actor.

I agree with Amy and Tina; I think Amal deserves a lifetime achievement award just as much as her husband. However, in the meantime, the press needs to start referring to her by her own name and quit comparing her to her husband, as she has every right to shine as her own person as well.

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Have you heard of all of Amal Clooney's accomplishments? How can we encourage people to celebrate people for who they are, and not for their significant others? Tell us below!

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