Why Breast Reduction Surgery was Right for Me

By Danielle Meeker, Regular ContributorNovember 7, 2015


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Ever since I hit puberty when I was 12, I’ve had large boobs. For years in high school I wore a DD, thinking that the incorrect fit was just me not liking to wear bras. I was in denial, and they were actually much bigger than that. Shopping for clothes was never a fun experience, because I had to account for two things on my chest that got in the way of everything! Honestly, people think having large boobs is this fabulous thing.

In this case, bigger is not always better.

Bigger means hunching forward because they physically pull you in that direction, having back pain, and feeling bad about yourself because nothing fits you the way it should.

Then, as a sophomore in college, it somehow was brought to my attention that one of my sorority sisters (who I was good friends with,) had breast reduction surgery a few years before. I asked her every single question I could think of about it. The idea of plastic surgery seemed both taboo and unattainable. Pitching it to my mom first, she gave me the reaction I expected: unsure about it, with a hint of ‘Why do you need that?’ We sat on it for a few weeks before I hit my turning point. I have a specific memory of my mom and I going to shop for new bras for me. This time, I actually got measured…. 36G. G! Not DD like I’d been wearing my whole teenage life, but G.

I had the surgery at the end of the school year, and what a difference going from a G to C/D makes!

Now I walk straighter, have more confidence, and feel better about my body overall.

Now, this is not me advocating for you to run out the door and get a breast reduction, augmentation, nose job, chin lift etc. Plastic surgery is something that is right for some, but it’s not a requirement. You gotta do what’s right for you.

I did what I did both to feel better physically AND mentally.

I had breast reduction surgery, because I wanted to be less concerned with how I looked, what I was doing, whether or not my boobs were in the right spot. I wanted to gain a little bit more confidence. I didn’t want to feel like they were a hindrance to my life anymore. It didn’t matter what people said. Remember that you come first and foremost. Your decisions are based on what you need, not what anyone says you should or shouldn’t do. So do what is best for you! Because you can!

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