Who You Gonna Call? We Can't Wait for GhostBusters3!

By Dana Zillgitt, Regular Contributor

Growing up, Ghost Busters was one of my favorite movie franchises. And secretly, that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up—complete with proton pack, a spooky library, and a direct line to wherever people answered the question “Who you gonna call?!” But the closest I ever came was being a mama bear and the Michelin Man Float for Halloween one year. Because people always said “But you’re a girl. You can’t fight ghosts. You’re Sigourney Weaver, not Bill Murray”, like I was supposed to be allergic to anything that deemed me more than the maiden to be won.

So when it was announced that Ghostbusters was being revamped with an all female cast, I got excited—ecstatic even. Plus, the lineup? Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy are comedic heavyweights in today’s entertainment scene, the first three having crossed our screens in Saturday Night Live. And they’re sure to be just as hilarious as ever, if not more so since the director of Bridesmaids is said to be behind the camera.


Feig will also bring on the original directors as producers and confidants to ensure fluidity. It’s rumored that the first Ghost Busters will also be making cameos in GhostBusters 3.0 as well. It’ll bring a whole new fanbase to the franchise as well, drawing in the younger crowds who never got to see the movies in the theatre previously. So, with an all-star cast, a phenomenal director, a PG-13 rating, and insight from the original cast—what could go wrong?

People are taking to social media—primarily men—saying that an all female cast will weaken the franchise, even comparing to if Lord of The Rings came back with only women in the leading roles. And apparently, women just can’t pack the punch of busting ghost crime like the innovative 80s cast could.  But if you think about it, it’s continuing an amazing trend of female driven blockbuster hits like The Hunger Games or Maleficient, which raked in the big bucks. And if this trend continues, especially with those who have already signed on, GhostBusters 3 is gonna be a mega hit, especially with such a strong nostalgia factor.

Honestly, GhostBusters 3, which is set to be released in 2016, is going to be a phenomenal asset not only for this generation but for future ones as well. It’s playing into the little girls who always wanted to be Ghostbusters growing up and were tired of hearing they couldn’t be like Bill Murray. They can carry a proton pack on their own. 

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