Where is My Place?

By: Shaye Galli, IATG ContributorSeptember 2, 2016


From dealing with mean girls, acne, and finding your real soul sisters, high school is the most magical yet terrifying place in the world. (Or, so I think, at sixteen I haven't seen much.)

I go to an all girls, Catholic high school. Plaid skirts, white tennis shoes and all. Yes, it sounds awful. It sounds like Lizzie McGuire's and basically any girl in a early 2000s teen sitcom's worst nightmare. But, it's kind of awesome. It's awesome in that, yes there is the horrible high school drama, doubled by the fact that it's a school filled with just teenage girls, but there is this air of acceptance and friendship like no other. Imagine 400 girls all looking like they just rolled out of bed, with salsa stained skirts (thanks, quesadilla) and the messiest of messy buns laughing, singing at the top of their lungs during lunch, braiding each others hair during passing periods, the pure joy of knowing that if you forget a tampon fifty girls will be rushing to lend you one, and most importantly, after school dance parties in the parking lot. It's like Narnia. High school is the place, where the power of gal pals reigns supreme.

How exactly do the magic of after school dance parties present themselves?

Well, this is how they happen: Me and my friends were talking outside our cars. We were complaining about finals and talking about the Bachelorette, the usual. One thing led to another, and next thing we know we are blasting Bye Bye Bye from my best friend's car. Within seconds a full on dance party is in full swing. Song after song, from N'SYNC to Hannah Montana, horrible dance movies one after the other, off key singing, and smiles so wide they hurt. It's the kind of happiness you got when you were five years old in the ice cream shop. It's the kind of happiness that makes you feel like you just fit. That there is a place in this world where you actually belong. No pretending, just happiness.

That beautiful moment of pure happiness made me realize how powerful female friendship is.

Female friendship is empowering.

Girls are meant to lift each other up. We are meant to dance like idiots and not care how dumb we look. We are supposed to sing to the Spice Girls at the top of our lungs. We have to forget what is "lame" and what is "cool" and just dance. We have dance together. We have to help one another. We have to share hair ties and pads and stories. And maybe just maybe, if we do that we have a space where we can all belong. Where everything is good, and everyone is accepted, bad dance moves and all.


Let’s Chat!

Our girlfriends can be a huge benefit to our lives, allowing us to be our true selves. What have you done recently that was purely spontaneous, for or with your friends? How can you shed your inhibitions and celebrate your relationships?

About Shaye:

Shaye.jpgShaye is a 16 year old girl from California. Lover of The Office, burritos and 80's pop music. She’s a part time gymnastic teacher, cheerleader, and student, and full time Lord of The Rings nerd.



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  • commented 2016-09-11 12:51:02 -0700
    I love my friends although I don’t have many and as I said before they come and they go. Friends are always there for you when your sad or happy they j ow you like the back of there hand and when you find the right friend you’ll feel that connection .

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