When You're Down for The Count...Keep Counting

By: Natascha Jones, Guest Blogger

Two months ago I wrote about what to do when all of your inner work finally comes to fruition and life is just…good. It was amazing and fun to see my inner thoughts and vibrations become my day-to-day life. And almost as quickly as it got there, it was gone.  In a flash everything was “bad.” Home life hit a peak with half of our roommates trying to kick us out, my workplace was at an all-time high for negativity, and the guy I had fallen for, all of a sudden pulled the rug out from under my feet. It was a trifecta of yuk: work, home, and love were not loving me back. 

What was a Girl to do? Three years ago I would have panicked, fallen into despair, felt worthless, ugly, depressed, and I would have believed everything my roommates, colleagues, and that guy thought about me. 

Thank god (the Universe, Shiva, Buddha, etc.) I’ve done the work. Doing the work means you’ve started, brick by brick, to put your inner core back together. And I’m not talking about amazing abs. I’m talking about your Divine Truth/Inner Spirit/THE REAL YOU. Three years ago, or even one year ago if someone had said in the middle of all this chaos “trust the Universe and give space to all of these problems” I would have had NO IDEA what they meant or where to start. And you may be reading this thinking the same thing; “Natascha, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. How do you ‘give space’ to something?”


There’s a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is you have to trust that the Universe wants you to be happy and it’s going to give you ways to grow and build your Inner Self to allow you to have this happiness. The long answer is that you have to start from nothing. You have to literally be at the bottom of the well with nowhere else to go but up. And then you have to work minute by minute, day by day, loving yourself, meditating, learning to recognize your self-sabotaging thoughts, learning to undo those messages, replace them with new messages, read more, love more, realize that your thoughts really do become your life so even the subconscious ones need to be considered…it goes on and on. 

If you don’t listen to the Universe it will keep nudging you, it will keep trying to get your attention and its methods will keep getting more and more hard-hitting until you finally pay it attention. Some people are lucky enough to see this at a young age and some people have an innate sense of these messages and they can immediately correct path and get back on track. 

I am neither of these people. I chose to take a beating for more than 31 years before I finally got the sucker punch to my gut that knocked the wind out of me. I was down for the count, ears ringing, head spinning, I didn’t know how I had gotten there or how to get back up. Three years later I know how to “trust the Universe and give space” when I am hit with these challenges. I know who I am more than I ever have, but there’s still so much work to do and I’m glad to do it.  I look forward to it because it’s like going to the gym; seeing the results of my hard work makes me more happier than anything! Knowing that even when everything feels really, really bad on the outside, that I can go within to my Self and my inner core and find safety and security in myself is such a gift. There’s no quick fix when you’re in the “deep dark.” It takes hard work and time and patience. But if you’re lucky enough to have the Universe tap you on the shoulder and then actually be able to turn around and see what it is trying to tell you, there is absolutely no greater reward, promotion, or display of affection than this. 

About Natascha

Natascha_Jones_Head_Shot.jpgWhile she would have to inform you that her “day” job is in esthetics and makeup artistry, Natascha truly spends her days in sunny Venice Beach laughing with her friends, riding her bike, and telling grandiose stories encouraging others to laugh, cry or think.  She is passionate about her efforts to live life fully and push her comfort zone, which is why she spills her guts to you and she hopes you’ll still love her.


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