When You're 25

By Devin Riggs, Regular ContributorDecember 31, 2015


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When you’re 25, everyone expects you to know what you’re doing with your life. They believe you have everything under control. They ask questions like, “Are you married?” “Why haven’t you settled down yet?” “How’s the job going?” “Oh, so you’re still living with your parents?”

When you’re 25, there’s this expectation that you know how to be an adult. Because in reality, you are an adult. You have bills to pay, responsibilities to attend to, others to care for and think of. You cannot be so selfish to think that any choice you make won’t affect someone else, because every choice you make will. And, they remind us of this every day.

When you’re 25, you’re in this time vortex of being a child lost in the mall because you let go of your mother’s hand for a split second and the inevitability of growing older, not truly recognizing the person you are becoming.

When you’re 25, the world seems much smaller and scarier than it was in the loving arms of your father. You have to navigate the trenches of a jaded, egotistical, and power hungry society. Stranger danger means more than just avoiding unknown vehicles and
“staying close to the house—no wandering off.” It means getting your heart broken. It means living with the scars others have marked you with.

When you’re 25, you overanalyze every word, every look, every breath. You lie awake in the depth of night, tangled in anxiety and wishing for a do over. When you’re 25, so many things seem impossible, unbelievable.

We are the generation of nostalgia. We are the children who had to grow up quickly to keep pace with wondrous technology. While we entertained our days playing make believe in creek beds, our children will never know a world without smartphones, video games, or live stream events from across the world available at the touch a button.

We were told we could be anything we wanted to be. We were told the world was open and free, waiting for us to change it, make it better, make it whatever we wanted.

When you’re 25, you’re told you don’t know anything about the state of the world. You don’t know enough to make decisions like how or when you can conceive a child. You are too young to know what’s good for you, so someone much older and much more out of touch with being 25 will tell you what you need and what you want. They tell you they know what’s best, but they have forgotten. Or maybe they just don’t care. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

And that is why life seems so difficult when you’re 25. And you know what? It’s okay.

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