When They Talk About Soulmates

By Jen Fine, Regular ContributorSeptember 17, 2015

As a young female growing up in the twenty-first century, it has become impossible not to succumb to the pressure of finding your “soulmate.” Even from a young age, girls are constantly watching television shows, music videos, and movies that highlight the fact that one specific person has been put on this earth for each and every one of us to meet and fall in love with. The truth is, however, as the years have gone on and I’ve matured, I find it harder and harder to believe in this phenomenon.

Quite frankly, I believe that the concept of soulmates has done more harm than good. We live in a society where everyone is so eager to find love from another person that they forget to love themselves first.

I’m not saying that people can’t be soulmates, but rather I’m saying that I find it almost impossible to accept the fact that one specific person is my perfect match.

At twenty years old, I think it’s safe to say that I have met some people that have made me wonder whether or not they could be my other half. That being said, I have become a firm believer that individuals are not made up of two halves but instead many different pieces that complete them. If we actually take the time to challenge the idea of soul mates, I believe more and more people will come to the realization that more than one person can be our perfect match.

In my life I would say that I have had many soulmates.

In my opinion, my mom could easily be defined as my soulmate; she understands me, she loves me, she connects with me, and, as crazy as it sounds, she even completes me. If there’s only one human being that we’re supposed to mesh perfectly with, settle down with, and live happily ever after with, then why does it seem that so many people have found their soulmate already? About half of my close friends are in very committed and serious relationships. If I asked my best friend right now, I’m almost positive she would tell me that her boyfriend of almost five years is, without a doubt, her soulmate.


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I, however, rebuke this. While I do believe that they are perfect for each other and consider myself lucky to be able to witness their happiness and love, I find it hard not to question whether or not there is someone else out there that could also make her feel this way. Earth is a pretty immense place, spanning 24,902 miles where millions of individuals live and breathe. Who’s to say that an individual’s high school sweetheart is their soulmate when, in fact, they’ve only met a very miniscule portion of the world’s population?

Although it may seem crazy to say that a human being can only have met their soulmate once they’ve encountered every single person on the planet, it isn’t crazy to say that different people can be your soulmate at different times in your life. There may be multiple people throughout your existence that you connect with on such a high level that you believe each of them were meant to be by your side at one point in time. We have to stop forcing the idea of soulmates down each other’s throats and focus instead on being happy with the ones we’re given, no matter if they are our “one true love” or not.

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