When Friendships Fail

By: Megan Wordsworth, IATG Contributor April 29, 2016



In life there are constant tides of highs and lows. Decisions have to be made, and sometimes changes have to occur. However, it’s how we handle the highs and lows that allow a person to either grow or stumble. I’m going through a season of lows in my own life. It’s painful, but I know that by the end of this season, I will have grown into a stronger individual. It’s beyond time for me to step up and make a few changes in my life, and some of these changes include cutting ties with some people who were very near and dear to me.


In my opinion, the ties you have to cut with former friends are some of the hardest to follow through with. I have known for some time that some of my relationships have evolved into more stressful than genuine friendships. I still and will always love these people, but the season of our lives are changing and are no longer aligned on the same path. Now, do not misunderstand me. I firmly believe that you can have and can pursue strong friendships with people who are different from you. In fact, I encourage it! Possessing a strong network of people with different views and viewpoints than you can give you an opportunity to become a well-rounded individual. I am simply talking about the relationships in your life that are actually toxic to you and your health.


The toxic relationships are the ones that stop you from becoming a well-rounded individual. Instead, the relationship makes you feel suffocated, trapped. If you currently have a relationship in your life, or if you have ever experienced a relationship like this, you might have felt that you couldn’t trust the other individual.


Friendships are built on the foundation of trust. If you already do not or cannot trust that individual, than the friendship is already broken.


One of my biggest fears in ceasing the toxic relationships in my life is that I will be hurting the others involved, but if I cannot be the best friend I can be, than I’m already hurting them. Just as I am not receiving the type of friendship I am seeking, I’m also not being the best friend to them. It’s completely natural for some friendships to last and others to only be in your life for a season. It’s always possible to rekindle those friendships at another point in your life; the time apart could help you grow into better individuals. The time could be just the thing to help everyone grow into the type of friend they meant to be all along!  


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How are the relationships in your life? Take some time this week and decide whether the relationships in your life are positive or negative.


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MEGAN_WORDSWORTH_writer_bio.jpgMegan is a student in the Honors Communication program at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. She is on a mission to spread positive body awareness. She has also worked as a background actor on the sets of Revenge, One Tree Hill, Under the Dome, Sleepy Hollow, and Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride.  She spends her free time baking delicious gluten free treats and watching reruns of her favorite show, One Tree Hill.


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