When Did We Stop Dreaming?

I recently had one of those weeks. You know the kind when Wednesday feels like Friday? I spend my days pursuing success and do my best to maintain a life/work balance, but sometimes it is all a bit tiring. There are countless e-mails to return, dry cleaning piles up to the size of a small mountain in my closet, and expired food in the fridge begging to be thrown out also serves as a reminder that I haven't made time to go to the grocery store in nearly two weeks. The simple act of getting a haircut just doesn't seem to fit in between family events, work commitments, and the occasional extracurricular activity.

All that being said, I must also admit that I am actually quite grateful to feel that I have landed in a truly great place for someone not quite 30. There is just something about this life that makes it all too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Rarely do we ever even take a moment to hit the pause button for some time to simply be thoughtful.

Midway through the aforementioned crazy week, I retired to my bedroom at the somewhat early hour of 9:30 p.m. and watched an episode of Girls on my iPad before reaching for the lights. For the record, I find Girls to be extremely smart and disarmingly accurate. It was just past 10 p.m. and as I was trying to fall asleep alone in my dark, quiet room, my mind began to wander. Instead of thinking about all the positive elements of such a peaceful evening, though, I was drawn to things like compiling a "To-Do" list and coming up with new solutions to old work problems. It only took about three minutes for my mind to snap back and say, "Can't I just prepare to start dreaming?"

It dawned on me that as a young girl I would look forward to bedtime because it allowed me to process quiet moments and fill that space with dreams for the future. Today as a not-so-young girl, those quiet moments are filled with task lists and worrisome projects. At what point did we stop dreaming?

I found myself caught in a moment where I felt the urge to hit the mental pause button, and use my heart to speak to my mind. I spent the next moments before drifting to sleep thinking about what dreams I had as a child for my future and what dreams I might have for my life in the near future. I'm not sure I'm ready to fully disclose what those dreams are exactly, but I will say that I might have actually fallen asleep with a smile on my face. Yes, a grown woman of nearly 30 years old smiled and drifted into her dreams like a child.

We don't do it often enough, and dreaming can be such a powerful way to enlighten our soul to the realm of possibilities in this big world. I am talking about the possibilities that exist beyond our jobs, family matters, and relationships. They are our hopes and dreams, so they deserve a little acknowledgement sometimes. Before you hit the lights tonight, ask yourself what dreams you still have and be encouraged that anything is still possible.

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