What To Expect From Your Expectations

By: Danielle Spitz, Guest Blogger

Pressure comes in all different shapes and sizes. Some feel pressured by people around them, others feel pressured by what they see on social media, but the biggest pressure of all is that of which you put on yourself.

The pressure, the stress, the extremely high expectations, or whatever it is you call it that you put on yourself is one of the worst things you can do for your wellbeing. Personally, my biggest source of pressure comes from school. Luckily I have awesome parents who support me in everything I do and are proud of whatever I accomplish. But just because they are happy for me when I come home with a B, does not mean that I am satisfied.

Overall, expectations and goals that you set for yourself are a positive thing. However, there is a fine line between encouraging and disappointing. The key word to remember when aspiring to something is “reasonable.”


The word “reasonable” is so powerful that it has become my new mantra. Although it might sound silly, the simple act of repeating a word in your head 5-10 times can be extremely helpful and calming, and remind you of what is truly important.

Every year our lives become more demanding and we are hit with dozens of new and challenging responsibilities. It is easy to get caught up in all of the chaos and feel like you are loosing control of your own life to your job, or school, or anything that requires your time and energy. But if you set reasonable and achievable goals for yourself, the process becomes a little more bearable.

As I said before, goals are something that you definitely should have in your life and are crucial for improving and developing as a person. But if you find yourself constantly being let down because your expectations are completely impossible to reach, as I once found, it might be time to reevaluate your situation.

I believe that you should never lower your standards, but that does not mean they cannot be adjusted. As we grow older and are faced with more challenges, we cannot expect to acquire the same results that we once did in the past.

Once again, the expectations we set for ourselves should remain high so that we can work towards them, but they should alter appropriately as we age and encounter new and exacting endeavors.

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Do you put too much pressure on yourself to meet and exceed expectations? Try making sure you pause a little bit to savor your accomplishments, to really recognize your hard work, talent, or skill. Feel good about all you've done and when you truly reward yourself inside, THEN, if you really want to, set a new expectation.

About Danielle

danielle.jpgDanielle Spitz is a fashion obsessed 14-year-old student. Her hobbies include reading, writing, running track, and of course, shopping!




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