What's Your Phrase for 2015?

By: Stefs Lima, Guest Blogger

Every year I pick a word or a sentence to be my theme for the next year. It’s something that I started in 2013 and never stopped. It’s a kind of thing that, if I don’t do it, it seems like I’m not ready for the next 365 days. It’s crazy, I know, but I choose my battle words to encourage myself (and to used them as a reminder).

In 2013, I chose “find your inspiration.” It was an easy choice, an idea that came to me because of my blog. This sentence helped in my professional and personal life. I've found many inspirations that helped me pass through that year. Beyond that, I inspired people that I’ve never met and it was incredible!

Without a doubt 2013 was one of my best years, with a lot of inspirational things, some professional success, and one discovery that changed everything: my need to stop the world to write my book (a project that is far from finished). This change was crucial in the moment I sat down and chose the word of 2014: “excelsior,” from the movie, Silver Linings Playbook.

This choice made sense because of my goal to write a book, a project that needed a lot of positive thoughts to keep going. Months later, this experience put me in a mindset I called: "me, myself and I.” Deep down, I knew 2014 wouldn't be easy, and it wasn’t. That single word helped me to put myself together many times.

The Excelsior’s secret: take all the negative things and turn them into positive things. This word became so important along 2014, because I saw myself in a fight “me vs. me” (and this it wasn’t planned). This idea helped me pass through a lot of bad moments that tried to push me away from my goal and forced me to deal with the devil in me.

2014 was a battleground. Literally!

All these negative thoughts on some days or weeks made me adopt the words said by Bradley Cooper's character: "do everything you can, work your hardest to have a shot at a silver lining.” And I’m here, full of new things to share.

2015 smells like a chaotic phase for me, a time that I’ll need myself more than ever. I’m on ground zero and I’ll need to find ways and means to keep walking without losing the faith. More than ever, I’ll need to be true to myself and to my desires to not destroy what I built in 2013/2014. So, the sentence for my next 365 days is: be who you are (forever!)


What I learned (even more) in 2014: there’s beauty in difference. There’s beauty on the fight for what you believe. There’s beauty in being random in a way where you want to make a difference, where you want to change something, or where you want to just be yourself, no matter what!

I know who I want to meet at the end of this new journey: the girl who loves what she does, who loves everything around her, who shares, and who fights for something that will fulfill the gaps of her life.

And I hope the same to happen to you in 2015 (and forever!).

Let's Chat! Stefs has an awesome perspective! Give it a shot. What's YOUR guiding word or phrase for 2015? Tell us here!

About Stefs

Foto_Stefs_Lima.jpgStefs Lima has her own world called Random Girl (www.hey-randomgirl.com.br). She is a journalist, lives in Brazil and spends a lot of her time writing (A LOT). Secret desires: continue to inspire people and create more and more stories to share.



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  • commented 2015-01-22 18:10:30 -0800
    JOY, I love this word! It’s unique and strong. Means awesome things. An invitation to enJOY everything, every day. It’s perfect!

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