What's Your Beautiful?

By: Kate Krassowski, Regular Contributor

“Everyone smiles in the same language” –George Carlin

My wish for this world is that every girl will find her own beautiful. Not the kind that has been laid out before them by society and media, but the kind that is worth seeking out and embracing.  There is no reason to tear each other down, and there certainly is no excuse for tearing ourselves down. People will always have their own opinions of you. In those moments when the world is telling you who you should be, it’s hard to realize that they won’t be in your life forever. It’s hard to see past the moment, and you can easily believe that what they’re telling you is true.  We have been trained from childhood to think of beautiful in a certain way and because of that standard, we are never enough. Not pretty enough, not sexy enough, not smart enough, not thin enough. Or we’re too much of something; too comfortable with our curves, too happy, we dress too conservatively or too revealing. There are all these pressures to attain this “perfect” image. Where did this unattainable image come from? Who demanded that all of us strive to be someone that will never exist?


Your beautiful may be your sense of humor, your passion, or your dedication. It could be your loyalty to your friend or the wonderful smile you give to everyone you meet. Your beautiful may be speaking out for those you aren’t strong enough to do it for themselves, or maybe your beautiful is to always lend a listening ear to someone who needs it. I think my beautiful is compassion. I care so deeply for other people’s feelings and never want to see anyone upset. I want everyone to find his or her way and to just be happy when they lay their head down at night. Now there are days when I’m not “THAT GIRL” and when I don’t treat people as well as I should have, but I’m trying. The effort you put it and the acknowledgement you give when you fall short of the person you want to be, is all anyone can ask of you.

We struggle with pressures and expectations, but the positive thing about all of this is that it binds us all together. It’s a common thread between us and if we choose to remember it, we will always know that not one of us is alone. We have a constant battle going on within ourselves, but if we can work together we will see that every person matters. Everyone’s passion matters. If we are too selfish to realize we are all in this together then we will never grow. We need to encourage each other to find what makes them the amazing person they are. I want to encourage women to wake up every morning and think “I am enough, in all I am and in all I do.” Find your beautiful, and keep your head up because you are inspiring and the world needs you. Encourage each other to change the world; no one can do it alone.

About Kate

Kate_Byline-1.jpgShe moved to Los Angeles from Cleveland, OH after graduating with a B.A in Film Production from BGSU. She is passionate about speaking out against how women are viewed in the media and being part of changing it.







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