What’s the Condition of Your Wrapping Paper?

We are told early on either through school, family or church, that life is a gift. A precious gift. We are to treat it with care and be grateful. I am in complete agreement with the concept, but I have decided this gift should not be labeled “fragile."

My mother once gave me a Collection Edition Wedding Barbie. All of my friends would keep their special dolls on the top shelf and stare at them with pride. Not me. I decided right away that this Barbie was meant to be played with and I enjoyed it. At the end of the day, my doll was the one with messed-up hair and a less than bright white wedding dress, but I would guess that my mother felt the memories were more valuable than the resale value of one with an impeccable package.

OK, so you might be wondering what exactly my point is. Awhile back a friend commented to me that she was in awe and wonder of how busy I am and how much effort I put into my social calendar. I thought to myself, well life is a gift so I want to make the most of it and take that gift out for a ride! I am blown away by the number of potential dangers that threaten our lives every day. Life truly is a gift, but not one that is meant to sit in the closet on the top shelf and be protected so carefully that it isn't enjoyed.

I would like to think that the wrapping paper around my gift is sun-bleached from trying to be outside and living life as often as possible. It is frayed at the corners from burning the candle at both ends sometimes. It definitely has tire tracks on it from how many miles I drive on our local highways. It might have some dents and dings from the times that I have fallen down in life. Yes, I am pretty darn proud of my wrapping paper because each imperfection has a story behind it.

So, have you been too gentle with your gift?

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