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The only thing that could have made this summer more exciting and energizing for I AM THAT GIRL would have involved a big budget dance number with Sandy, Danny, and the rest of the Pink Ladies. From our bea-UUU-tiful new website (thanks to all at Nation Builder for the amazing support with special kudos to our personal heroes Christel Sayegh and Rhonda Pitman from Magic Plus Logic. Techie guresses we bow to thee!) to taking part in the United Nations Foundations Dell Inspire House event, to welcoming our first chapter in Capetown, South Africa (ROCK!), we have been firing on all cylinders to create new content that inspires, to make connections that impact, and to build our I AM THAT GIRL nation full of strong, healthy, empowered, amazing girls and young women just like YOU. And we’re just getting started. Here are some highlights:


Summit Series: Founded in 2008, for the last five years the Summit Group has been bringing together leading entrepreneurs, visionaries, artists, creatives, and social activists together in their groundbreaking annual Summit Series. The series is a retreat opportunity that enables participants to share resources and make inspired connections that often lead to greater impacts in the world at large. Represented at this year's event, Summit Outside, I AM THAT GIRL was proud to be amongst over 900 of the world's leading innovators in both the non and for-profit sectors. As our fabulous leader and IATG Co-Founder Emily Greener recounted, one of the most rewarding aspects of the series was inhabiting a space with people who “push you to dream bigger, to think wider, and to stretch yourself to be a better version of you.” The event was also an important opportunity to devote time to talking about relationships, the vital connections and networks that fuel every aspect of your life. 


 The art of connection. Photo by Steve Bertoni from Forbes.com




At the Dell Inspire House panel. L to R: Emily Greener, Blair Palmer, Erica Domesek, Casey Rotter, Gabrielle Bernstein.

Dell Inspire House Sponsored by The United Nations Foundation: Participating on this international panel gave Emily a unique chance to tell the world about I AM THAT GIRL. The event brought girls together to engage in a dialogue about how creative thinking and innovative solutions to global problems might help to energize and galvanize future generations of world changers. In relaying the important challenges and successes Emily has encountered in working to grow IATG, she brought our unique mindset of thoughtful engagement to her speaking, inviting the audience to see and honor her authenticity and promising to do the same. Emily’s involvement in this inspired panel proved that there is power in vulnerability, power in showing up as your one-of-a-kind self.



Alexis Jones chats with girls at Fourth Estate Features The Common Good Exchange with Invisible Children

Fourth Estate Featuring The Common Good Exchange: Invisible Children emerged as a response to the atrocities conducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda. From the singular mission to halt the LRA’s efforts and restore dignity and life to every child terrorized by the army’s reign, Invisible Children have expanded their reach to mobilize all kinds of organizations invested in social good. The result: The Common Good Exchange. Taking place on UCLA’s campus, the Common Good Exchange gathered together over 50 organizations and brands to share information and resources, to connect and energize, and to do what these groups do best: share their passion for making positive impacts across the world. I AM THAT GIRL was extremely proud and honored to be a part of this event alongside other organizations such as Charity: Water, Pencils of Promise, DoSomething.org, Boston Strong, and Toms to name a few. “It was amazing to have girls come to our booth and have Alexis [IATG’s other founder] engage them in real conversations," said Emily. "The girls got to sit in a circle and talk honestly about their experiences, giving them a real chance to express themselves. Awesome.”

We are getting ready to fall in love with Fall by continuing to roll out many more exciting new initiatives, so stay tuned, get connected, and BE THAT GIRL!

 *Update written and compiled by Sheila Moeschen, IATG Senior Editor

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