What Makes You THAT Girl?

By Lea Ware, Regular ContributorSeptember 12, 2015

As you walk the school halls, you see that girl who is always happy and has the prettiest smile on her face. That girl who is strong and always fights to make it through the worst. That girl who’s fearless, who goes after her dreams and goals, and who doesn’t care what people think. You see that girl who leads by example and portrays independence. That girl who never backs down and is always there for others. That girl who makes a difference to so many individuals and inspires them all over the world and who is kind and always says sorry, even if it is not her fault. Does that remind you of anyone you know?

To the people who thought, “Hey, I know someone that has all those amazing qualities!” I want to tell you that YOU ARE THAT GIRL, and everyone around you is considered to be THAT GIRL too!


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This organization is a huge phenomenon and has motivated millions of girls around the world! To me, being that girl makes me feel cheerful, motivated, confident, inspired, and as if I’m able to make a difference in this world and reveal who I truly am. Being that girl makes you feel unique and shows you how one person can have a powerful impact on your life.

I AM THAT GIRL is not just a community that sticks together, it’s a community that has your back and shares YOUR story around the world.

Now as many of you might think… to be labeled as “that girl,” you have to have a special talent or be known as a public figure. Some of you may feel like you need to be popular in order to be “that girl.” Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s not true.

No matter who you are or what your story is, each and every person reading this is THAT GIRL!

You do not have to be a writer to inspire people. You do not have to be a Youtuber or a famous person or anyone but yourself. Being yourself and showing the world who you are is what makes you THAT GIRL.

So to all the beautiful people out there, I want you to shine like a star, show them who you are, and shout out loud that YOU ARE THAT GIRL! Someday other people around the world will see what makes you “that girl,” because in the end, you have inspired individuals around the world and made a difference in their lives and in their hearts; just as all of you have wrote your names across my heart and helped me achieve my goal of making a difference.

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How has I AM THAT GIRL helped you? What makes you THAT girl? Tell us below!

About Lea

LEA_WARE_writer_bio.jpgLea also known as MissGlitterFreak, is a Canadian with a BBA in Management and specialized in leadership. In her spare time she has managed to become an author, a youtuber and a role model for girls around the world. Her ultimate goal in life is to make a difference and is so honored to be a part of “IATG” community and to share her voice. 


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