What Hilary's Presidential Campaign Means To Me

By Danielle Spitz, Guest Blogger

It seems as though the world is finally catching up with the rest of us in this futuristic year of 2015, and is taking more and more steps towards gender equality. It is a long, uphill battle, but Hilary Clinton has announced her campaign for President of the United States, and the world is on the brink of drastic change.

The response to Hilary’s announcement was a very gratifying one. To see so much support and enthusiasm all across the globe restored my faith and hope for the world we live in. Men and women alike are excited for what Hilary will bring to the table, and the race has only just begun.

The fact that gender equality is a serious problem for both men and women is becoming much more prevalent in today’s society. Men are beginning to realize “feminism” is a powerful term and not a scary one, and are more willing to voice their concerns regarding women’s rights. Because of this change in perspective, women, such as Hilary, are becoming less known as intimidating and more universally understood as intelligent and driven individuals striving with great force towards their goals. Men have been looked at this way for all of time, and women are finally getting their turn to stand with them side-by-side.


In no way have we completely achieved the golden goal that is gender equality, but Hilary will take us one giant bound further. In a perfect world, gender equality should not have to be something to work for, but us women have taken the cards we were dealt and have become stronger and stronger to fight for something that is rightfully ours.

To me, Hilary Clinton is a strong voice for all of the strong women in this country, and other countries all around the globe. We can all let out a deep breath of relief and know that we have made a difference. Without our never-ending feminist battle, Hilary would have no one to support her and would not be running for president.

Women have opened the eyes of those around them to see the world in a way it has never been looked at before. Women can do anything we set our minds to, just like any other person on this planet. Even if you don’t agree with Hilary’s political views, she has made a statement that will stay in the minds of people forever: women are a force to be reckoned with, and nothing will stand in the way of us achieving what we set out for. I salute you, Hilary, for proving them all wrong and proving us all right.

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About Danielle
DANIELLE_SPITZ.jpgHigh school student Danielle Spitz is an aspiring journalist. She writes for her school newspaper and of course IATG! She loves reading, writing, running, binge watching anything on Netflix, shopping, and contributing to a world in which women build each other up and receive the respect they deserve. 





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