What Do You Really Want?

It maybe the most important question you'll get asked at any given moment in your life, "What do you want?: And ironically, it's usually the hardest question to answer because we rarely take the time to ask ourselves. Whether it's in life, love, relationships, goals, dreams or what you're ordering off the menu you're staring at; what do you want is as personally confrontational as it comes because it means you have to make a choice. It means your autopilot is inconveniently disrupted, that you actually have to think about your life, about who you are, where you are and where you want to go.

Most people go through life reactionary, waiting to see what falls into their lap, stumbling upon this or that and then dealing with what's staring them in the face. And it's easier to sit in the backseat of your own life and never really make any choices, waiting for life or God or the universe to bestow wisdom, to guide you and give you memos on where to go or what to do. This does not invalidate allowing God to breathe life into our decisions, but it's recognizing we are all granted free choice and the greatest injustice we perform is giving that up by sitting in the stands of our own lives while watching the action exploding below on the court.

I was recently told that there are no "answers" in life, and I momentarily bought into that concept. It gave me comfort that the absurdity of ambiguity is something I should familiarize myself with and grow to accept. But then another perspective was shared by one of my closest guy friends (B. Hance). Jonesy, what do you mean there are no answers in life? That's ALL there is. There are choices that are made and the consequences we are left with because of them. To say there are no answers is a cop-out to the reality that answers are choices and choices are commitments we make to ourselves and to other people.

That's when it dawned on me that answering the question, "What do you want?" is the most powerful decision you make in life, time and time again. And it takes courage to say what you want, to decide on something, anything for that matter. It's scary to say what you really want because there's a chance of disappointment, loss, heartbreak or failure. It takes bravery to take the pen into your hand and be the author of your own life. But that being said, you are among the few who inspire others to step up to the plate in life because you have the courage to potentially fall and get back up, each and every time.

It's easy to get distracted in life. There are so many things vying for your attention; insecurities, fear, doubts, expectations, seeking the approval of others - but none of these deserve to steal you away from figuring out what you want for your life. So my challenge to you is to figure it out. Take the time, decide what you want and don't settle for anything less. Trust me, the road is lonely but as Hance reminded me in a text, "You have extremely high standards for yourself and the people in your life. There's only one direction those standards should go: even higher! You deserve the best! Don't ever sell yourself short!" May we all have best guy friends to remind us of our worth, to inspire and challenge us to be our best and to hold us to unwavering standards.

So, "What do you really want?" Whatever it is, you deserve it, so hold out and fight for it. You're worth it.

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