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So, last week I stated that I didn't envy Jessica Simpson for the scrutiny she's under on a daily basis. Now, I really, really (add three exclamation points) don't envy Lady Gaga. I have seen not one, three or even seven, but over 10 headlines highlighting the singer's recent weight gain. While it's easy to assume she has tough skin, she must with those outfits she so boldly wears, but every girl (or person for that matter) would have some hurt feelings if on every magazine stand there was a cover circling their recent "thunder thighs" and cracking jokes about a "chubby tummy."

It begs the question, are we really still here? In the space of girls being criticized for body image discrepancies? Because if so, we are all in trouble. I'm confused why so many news outlets have nothing more valuable, thought-provoking or inspiring to discuss than the weight gain of an American pop star. Recently being in Spain and having dinner with several Spanish girls, the topic of our "obsession with celebrities" came up and I found myself a bit embarrassed by how our culture is viewed by, well, the rest of the world.

Yet despite the tabloid obsession with documenting every personal detail of our celebrity royalty, I'm more horrified that the message we are sending to girls, women, and even men for that matter is that a female's weight gain is more interesting than her musical innovation, brave personal style, and widely impressive intellect (tell me you've seen Lady Gaga interviewed and her eloquence didn't blow your mind). Our society's ability to continue invalidating a woman's intangibles for the sake of her physical appearance shows how unevolved, unoriginal, and uninteresting we have become. Obviously, this is more proof why I AM THAT GIRL exists and is truly necessary in the world.

Our bold attempt to remind girls of their innate worth, untarnished and unaffected by physical attributes continues to inspire the work we do. I remain hopeful that one day (maybe in my lifetime), I will witness a time when a girl's worth is not measured by her bra size, dress size or any number on any scale. I dream of a world where we are valued by our thoughts, celebrated for our humility and our kindness as well as revered for our courage along with our vulnerability and compassion. I dream of a day where our physical beauty is but one teeny-tiny slice of the pie that makes us truly who we are.

As for Lady Gaga; she really is taking this whole thing in stride and managed to call out the media for all the weight-centered headlines by sporting an overwhelming dress. The brave performer admitted she has suffered from bulimia and anorexia since the age of 15 and has even started a movement called, “A Body Revolution 2013." And to all my girls out there, in spite of our media's intense scrutiny, may I serve as a reminder that the most gorgeous things about you will never be seen by the naked eye.

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