We Are ALL Malala

By: Anushe Noor Faheem, Regular Contributor

Last week, I got into a Facebook argument with my cousin who thought that Malala Yousafzai’s story was fake. To me, and many, Malala holds immense importance in inspiring girls all around the world. Yet a few, like my cousin, believe her story was planned and she was just a way to keep the attention off the real issues. I don't know whether this idea is true or not, but I do know that because of her the world stood up to take on one of the biggest social crisis: girls’ education.

The point of this blog is not to claim or debate the truth of Malala and her story, but to point out the change she brought through her work. She inspired many who have now become the voices supporting education for girls. I believe that we need such a change and we need such inspirational people. Being a girl, I am interested in and care about issues women face and want to be the voice of the ones unheard. This was also the case for Malala's work and she has been successful. People say that all these sentimental feminists only react to Malala's story, which is the story of every girl. I want to make it clear that she never won our sympathy, she won our hearts.


Another thing people like my cousin say is that Malala is not like any other girl, but I need to correct her here. I think Malala is probably just like you and me. It is the way she became the voice of many that makes her seem unique. She stood up for the girls who never were able to speak up for themselves. In truth, it's not difficult to be Malala, as I think that we all can stand up and speak up for all the girls who are unheard.

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  • Anushe brings up a great point: We all have the ability to use our voices to be heard. Grab your girls and chat: When was the last time you spoke out about something you believed in? How did it make you feel? If you haven't, dig deep and talk about what holds you back!

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anushe.jpgI’m a teenager and am eager about social issues majorly the ones of women and children rights. Currently also contributing to Global Voices as a bridge blogger (http://globalvoicesonline.org/author/anushenoor/. ). Tweets as  @AnusheNoor.  A music lover and listen to almost all genres. Hobbies include singing, reading and writing and sometimes dancing. 






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  • commented 2014-09-09 17:02:01 -0700
    Thanks Desire! Well I guess that Malala has inspired is all, and I feel so proud that we both belong to the same country and same several thoughts! It’s not that we are alike, it’s just the dream we both follow! It’s all about being dreamy about a better world! And yeah commenting as a guy on IATG has made me happy that this site something that inspires both genders! I’m happy to know that you have such thoughts and I loved the way you expressed them! And I’m happy that you feel comfortable when reading me, as at the end of the day we all are humans!
  • commented 2014-09-07 05:55:06 -0700
    Hey Anushe,
    I hope it doesn´t matter that i comment as a boy on this site.
    In my view Malala is a really inspiring person, not only for girls…I would say she is an example of how one can deal with the past, how one can learn to forgive and not to loose the courage! She is the perfect example of a person who knows to encourage others with her optimism, she can be inspiring to everyne who has daily trouble and show her or him that there can be days that seem to be so bad but there is always some hope, some love, some dream if we believe in ourselves without building walls inside our heads but with searching the dialogue.
    When I first saw her on tv, it was very inspiring that she took her voice without anger but with a lot of hope. My impression is that her voice always sounds as if she believes in the good things, peace, human rights etc…She is often using words like education, human rights instead of talking about the crimes people have committed…She s more like someone who wants to help others than someone who wants to judge others.
    In my opinion it is important these days not only to have people who say us what to do with punishment but instead to have inpiring persons who still know what it means to dream!
    I am sure you have your dreams too, Anushe, bringing trueth to people, showing them your country without only talking about the negative things but with writing also about music like the Laal-band etc…
    I love the way you present yourself as a music lover instead of only saying what you all blog and write about and showing others your career like many bloggers do. You are still a blogger who one feels close to in contrast to reporters who want us look up to them. You remind me a lot of Malala as she is presented. Your description shows us that we are all a bit like you (music lover, singer, whatever we like to do) and your article makes clear that we are like Malala too. Your style is so beautiful, it makes us feel close to her while many reporters create so much distance between not only themselves but also the persons they write about and the reader!
    You are so inspiring, Anushe, your words will help all readers in daily conversations and bring love and a peaceful mood to them! Thank you so much for your articles ;)

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