We Are All Awesomely Imperfect!

By: Yasmeen Kumar, Guest Blogger

I can’t dance to save my life, I suck at sports, I take messy to a whole new level, I’m sometimes kind of awkward, I’m not as “smart” as I would like to be, I have to re-read paragraphs over and over again before I really understand them, I sometimes get angry over nothing, I don’t eat as healthy as I should, I procrastinate about…..everything, and I have the attention span of a five year old. I’m not perfect.

We often get caught in a cycle of obsessing over every imperfection and doing whatever we can to conceal them. But if nobody is perfect, why do we spend so much time and effort trying to appear perfect? Here are a few of my tips on embracing your imperfections and wearing them with pride.


1. Stop comparing yourself to others.  Comparing yourself to other people is natural. We want to be the best at things and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to succeed, but when thriving for excellence turns into self-doubt and discouragement, you’re energy just gets wasted. Instead of trying to be better than someone else, focus your energy on being the best possible version of you that you can be!

2. Don’t be afraid to look stupid. Once you learn to laugh at yourself, there is nothing stopping you from doing anything. We need time in our serious lives to view ourselves as we really are. Not always perfect, living, breathing, real human beings.

3. Accept the fact that you can’t be good at everything. We are only human. We can’t be perfect and we should accept that and remind ourselves every time we feel overwhelmed by trying too hard and still not being as good as we want to be, that perfection is just a matter of perception.

So why do we try so hard to be perfect? Why are we so scared of showing the world our imperfections when they only make us human? We all have imperfections; we all have flaws, it’s part of being a human being. We need to stop trying to hide our flaws and instead just recognize the fact that we are all perfectly imperfect!

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Need a little perspective shift about your perfect imperfections? Instead of listing flaws, start counting all the great, unique, utterly fabulous things that make you uniquely YOU!

About Yasmeen

yasmeen.jpgYasmeen Kumar is an anti-poverty activist, blogger, animal lover, and band geek. Having started Helping Homeless Vancouver- a local anti-poverty initiative, Yasmeen is working towards a dream of getting people off the streets and into permanent housing. Outspoken, compassionate, fierce, and driven, Yasmeen is ready to take on the world and make some serious change. Facebook.com/helpinghomelessvancouver Twitter: @yasmeenkumar; Tumblr yaskumar.tumblr.com







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