We All Need a Little Crazy

By Dana Zillgitt, Regular Contributor

When my grandfather passed away, his last words were, “I’m going down! Help me out, I’m going down!” or some paraphrased version of that. He was crazy, but he was also incredibly in love with his life. He could cook a 5 course Thanksgiving dinner in mere hours, and he would always tell you exactly how he felt politically about any given topic…. even if he knew nothing about it. He was polarizing, for better or for worse.

Times were tough the year or so between my immediate family and him before he passed, but they were getting better. They were on an upward trend, as some may say. Despite all the strife, it never changed the fact that he was one of the most influential people in my life. Growing up, he taught me to be enthusiastic, to never stray from family, and to always love first, judge later, to make whoever walked through your door laugh until they couldn’t breathe, to make them feel appreciated at some point during the day. He taught me that there is no reason you should not rescue a stray, no matter how mangled they looked on the street. And that didn’t just apply to animals, because he knew while you may not understand somebody, the best you could do was make them laugh and keep asking questions until you understood.

He was one of the most ridiculous men I ever knew. He created emotions in people most could never dream of instigating in people. But he always stood by his guns, for better or for worse. And if anybody could explain a quadruple bypass surgery to a 7 year old seamlessly without making it terrifying, it was him.

So what am I trying to say here? Sometimes the best people in our lives are the most polarizing; the most incredibly ridiculous. But sometimes you need the ones who are a little bit crazy to remind you about the passion still left in today’s world.


All in all? If there’s anything my grampa taught me, it was to live your life without any regrets, to throw enthusiasm around like it wasn’t anyone’s business, and to always walk into a room leaving everybody breathless.

We all need that one person in our lives that’s a little crazy, a little beyond measure, and who always makes you think about your own choices. Because they make us better people, forcing us to see the good in the world.

Let's Chat! Who in your life reminds you to let loose and be a little crazy? How do they make life easier? Share with us here!

About Dana

DANA_ZILLGITT.jpgDana has her BA in International Affairs & Spanish as well as a mild obsession with rescue animals and all things caffeinated. She’s mastered the art of the selfie, fort building, and even the sass battle. Plus, she can quote 95% of Anchorman and Zoolander.



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