To Showing Up

By: Adrienne Gae Credo, Regular Contributor

Being a good friend to someone is more than just saying we are there for them, we have to actually show up. What’s showing up, anyway? It’s assigning worth to our words by actually physically or emotionally showing up for the friends who show the same respect and love for us. These are the friendships that ultimately last a life time.

Over the past few years, my circle of friends has slowly shrunk to a really great handful of amazing people. This is not to say that the people who have touched my life are simply not important anymore or I don’t appreciate the impact they have had on my life. No, this is mostly due to the fact that showing up has been a large factor in the reason behind many of my stable relationships. I respect and value the friendships where the give and take is equal; we all respect, love, and challenge each other equally and never question it. There have been friendships I’ve been worried about from the get-go and friendships I knew would never become a “have been.”  I am eternally grateful for the latter in my life.


Growing up, we were judged on the quantity of the friendships we keep, not so much the quality. There comes a time in everyone’s life, however, when we start to realize how important it is to have reliable friends who are there to support and love us every step of the way because they know we would and are actively doing the same for them. These are the friends we would travel across the country for. These are the friends we would pick up 2 AM calls for. These are the friends that make our sides hurt and our eyes tear up from all the infectious laughter. These are the friends we see after months apart and picking up right where we left off. These are the friends that make it easy to show up because appreciate what we do for them.

Surrounding ourselves with friends like these is what makes our already-amazing lives that much more enjoyable because they bring with them a lot of love and laughter. They share experiences with us. They cheer us on. They challenge us. But most importantly, they love us unconditionally. When I am asked to count my blessings, I immediately think of the beautiful men and women in my life who continue to inspire me and challenge me to be the best version of myself. These are the types of friends we should be showing up for every day. So cheers to showing up!

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profile_acredo.jpgAdrienne is an undergraduate at University of California, Irvine studying Criminology, Law and Society with a minor in International Studies. She is also a passionate photographer (you can check out her work below!). She loves watching TV shows like Chicago PD (shout out to Sophia Bush!) and Law & Order: SVU with her roommates and creates funny videos with her friends. Check out some of her photographs on Flickr.  Follow Adrienne on Twitter: and on Instagram:


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