To My Students

By Devin Riggs, Regular Contributor September 11, 2015

I’ve only known you for a week, and I already love you. I love your spunky attitudes and your theatrical need to be understood and accepted. I am so glad you’re in my class and that I have the privilege to watch you grow and change and become the people you are meant to be. To be honest that’s the most exciting thing about my job, the thing I’ve looked forward to since I first decided I wanted to become a teacher.

You have already started to challenge me and my beliefs about education. You are relentless in your belief that I will leave you. Because so many others have before.

I’m here, and I’m not going to leave you.


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But you will eventually leave me. Because you have to. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Because you are meant for bigger and better things than my small classroom filled with books and chalk and tables and chairs. You will leave me, and that’s okay.

It’s okay because I will not let you leave empty handed or empty hearted. I want you to leave me with confidence and courage, with pride and humility, with tenacity and patience. I want you to go out into the world believing you can do anything you set your mind to, big or small…and I want you to know you can make the world a better place.

I believe in you.

And there is nowhere else I’d rather be. I know it’s probably not the same for you. You’d rather be outside or playing video games or sleeping or playing sports or hanging out with your friends. I know that there also might be other classes you’d rather be in…reading is not everyone’s favorite subject. It’s hard. It’s complex. Sometimes it’s boring…and here you are. Because you and I have some work to do.

This class will be hard. I have high expectations for you. I’m going to push you. I’m going to challenge you. I know you can handle it. I know you are capable of great things. So there will be days you won’t like me very much, and that’s okay because I’ll still love you. I’ll still be here the next day. I am here for you to make you a better reader, to make you a better student, to make you a better person. I am here for you, for whatever you need and I love you. It’s going to be a great year. We can do this.

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