Time For a Change

I was once told that there are several things every girl should know how to do and fixing a tire is one of those things. Having recently flown to Seville, Spain with my boyfriend, we made the obligatory trip to IKEA in hopes of making our new home (where I will be several months out of the year) a little, well, more homey. That being said, we were not prepared for the flat tire that we would encounter as we pulled into the parking garage and poof, an international crisis unfolded before us.

Sometimes the beauty of "unfortunate" circumstances is that in those moments, you really get to see what you're made of. As I already mentioned, along with "driving stick," which both my mother and Eve Ensler feel should be a part of every girl's basic education, I was presented the opportunity to change a tire. That's not to say that my boyfriend couldn't handle the situation in his sleep, it's just that the catastrophe presented me the opportunity to rescue him and every fairy tale deserves a twist now and again.

Either way, it was a team effort since his brawn was able to jack the car up and I got credit for unscrewing and rescrewing the bolts. At the end of the day, it provided us the opportunity to see what kind of people we are when the inconvenient strikes. Would we throw a fit, blame everyone around us and the world or simply smile at the .01% chance we'd actually run over the single bolt in the entire parking garage at IKEA and have a little adventure?

As I get older, I'm more and more aware of just how imperfect our lives are. Whether it's flat tires metaphorically or literally, we are given chances time and again to exercise our patience, our compassion for our mistakes, our shortcomings, and our malleability in an ever-changing world. Plus, seeing as how my mom taught the mechanic class at the University of Texas (in daisy dukes, I'm sure), I figured this picture of her baby girl would make her proud.

With one less thing on my bucket list, one tire fixed, and one successful IKEA outing later under our belts, we returned home with all the little touches that make a house a home. So my challenge to you is to not sweat the small stuff. Just learn to laugh it off because it really is the medicine that can get you through anything.

Lead image courtesy of Allwomenstalk.com 

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