Three Little Words: Don't. Be. Afraid.

By Sophie Winik, Regular ContributorNovember 8, 2015


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I love you. The three little words that many people are afraid to say. The three words that can cause a happily ever after or a heartbreak. Three powerful words.

I remember watching T.V. shows where characters would struggle to say these words to their partner. They would either be terrified of the response or unsure of their own feelings. Then the typical response was given ,“Thank you,” and the audience laughs.

But what happens when love becomes a reality and you begin to wonder whether you should say those words to your partner or not?

Many people are afraid to be the first to say, “I love you,” in a relationship. One person might be feeling strongly, wanting to express their deep feelings, but are afraid of sounding desperate or scaring off the other person if they say it first. It becomes a game of waiting to see if the other person says it and feels the same way so that everyone lives happily ever after. The question is, why should someone hold in their feelings?

Why not put all the fears aside and go for it, say how you feel, and take a big risk?

I’ve learned that it’s important to be true to yourself and to not be afraid, but rather show everyone your confidence and bravery.

And that’s just what I did. I said those pesky, yet beautiful words, to my boyfriend. I was the first to say it. I was scared. I was worried. The last thing I wanted to end up doing was pressure the man I was falling for. I waited a long time. My feelings kept building up inside. I would come close to blurting it out every time I saw him, but I was getting sucked into the stereotypical idea that the man is the one who should say it first.

Then, one day, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to express my feelings. I needed to take a deep breath and spill the beans. What did I have to lose? I knew that I was deeply cared for, that he would be silly to dump me right then. I knew our relationship was not going to be destroyed. I only feared that he would feel pressured, and I didn’t want that.

But I needed to be honest. I said the words.

And the response? He. Was. Speechless. He told me how much he wanted to make me happy and that he wanted to always put a smile on my face.

After I said it, I was ecstatic. I was so proud of myself for being me and expressing my feelings. I didn’t want him to say it back to me then. I wanted him to say it when he felt it, and not because I said it. Him being speechless and saying how he loves seeing me happy was enough. Don’t be afraid to say “I love you.” Don’t be afraid to take risks. Sometimes fear is your friend and can help guide you into more happiness.

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