This Summer Take It Easy, But Also Take Stock

By: Danielle Spitz, Guest Blogger

School is out and it’s finally summertime. Besides relaxing and having fun, summer is also about transition. Whether it’s transitioning from middle school to high school (like myself), or from high school to college, or whatever you’re going through, these three months are crucial for assuming your new position in your life.

We’ve all heard it before, “adapt or die.” Although harsh, I find this quote to be extremely true. Whether I am ready for it or not, next year is going to be much more intense in every aspect: emotionally, academically, and even physically. The social scene in my grade is going to change drastically because we are receiving close to 100 new students. I am going into my first year of high school so my grades will actually be put on my transcript. And going into high school also means playing high school sports, so I will have to put in a significantly larger amount of time and energy into track and field.

Pretty scary, right? Before completely freaking myself out, I tried to look on the bright side, which was the fact that I had all of summer before I would have to face these new responsibilities. As I was contemplating what I should do over the summer, I realized that this is the perfect opportunity to take this time to really figure out what I want to get out of next year and what I hope to achieve.


As I grow older and start to mature, my morals are altering as well. What might have seemed important to me in seventh grade may not be a priority of mine any more. Through this long and ongoing transition in my life from child to young adult, I sometimes find myself feeling lost and wind up in some type of emotional limbo. I often question whether or not something is important to me anymore, or if I invest in something will it benefit me in the long run.

I’m terrified of being in the middle and trying to determine which path I should choose, but I’ve learned to accept it because I know life is full of self questioning and sometimes even self doubt. So, although the middle can be a scary place to wind up, it’s where you will learn the most about yourself. The more you become familiar with the person you are, the more questions you will have for yourself. This summer, I encourage you to think about these questions carefully and try to figure out what it is you’re working towards.

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Summer is the perfect time to kick back, take stock, and chart near goals!

  • How do you like to practice self-reflection? Journal? Blog? Good conversation with a real friend?
  • What would you say to a friend who's nervous about an upcoming transition?
  • How can transition and change be exciting and cool?

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