THIS Is Your New Daily #InnerStyle Routine

By: Teresa Sabatine, Guest Blogger


Sure your makeup bag might be full of the latest MAC lipstick and summer’s best blushes for a warm sunny glow. But this just in: The best glows don’t come from blushes and bronzers. This season it is all about that inner beauty or what we at I AM THAT GIRL call, “InnerStyle.” Below is the best routine for achieving that inner happy glow to keep you shining all year long:

I start my day snuggled in bed with “The Five Minute Journal” a gratitude journal designed to keep you up to speed on what is making you happy. Gratitude is the new coconut oil, I don’t go anywhere without it.

Each morning you jot down what you are grateful for from the day before and what you are looking forward to later that day. My typical go to is: “Grateful for my supportive dad, can’t wait to see him for dinner tonight.”

BONUS: the journal fits perfectly in my favorite summer handbag so I can take it with me and remind myself of what I am grateful for throughout the day!

Once I’m filled with gratitude I am ready to jump out of bed and face the day. On the way out the door I text my best friend, usually something like “Love you and miss you—so glad you’re in my life.” If I know she has a big meeting I might add, “You’re a boss, you’ve got this.” Encouragement and support are a foolproof way to build your happiness muscle. (Plus its super quick and easy)

I never sit in traffic without turning up the radio and getting my morning dose of world news. NPR is my go to station and allows me to broaden my perspective and exercise my brain. I love when I show up to a meeting at work and have something to contribute. Plus, the fall season is ALL ABOUT confident intelligence.

SECRET TIP: If you are short on time TheSkimm is a great way to get your news in concise and entertaining snippets and is easily sharable on Twitter and Instagram so you can help to educate all of your friends too 

The workday can wear me out sometimes. By 2 PM I am ready for a nap and since snoozing at my desk isn’t an option I head outdoors for a walk and hit up my go to app: Happify.This app has quick meditations and negative mood buster exercises to keep your positivity going all day long. I am obsessed with the “Negative Knockout” game and play it daily. You practice knocking out all the negative thoughts in your head and make more room for self-love. It’s fabulous and helps extends my optimism well into the night 

If I don’t have dinner plans I usually head to the grocery store to see what I can cook up for the night. Eating healthy is the best-kept secret to achieving that happy glow and there isn’t a produce section I’ve met that I don’t love. I often pick up a few extra bananas to keep in my car so I can give them to the little old homeless man that hangs out on my street. We’ve become rather close and I love seeing the smile on his face when I visit him. I’ve noticed I reap major happiness benefits when I share my gifts of sensitivity and compassion. 

CELEBRITY TREND: Helping others. Seriously, have you seen Emma Watson on the HeForShe campaign?That girl has nailed the happy glow!

I wrap up my day with a little laughter by catching up with an old friend and making sure I ask her about her first week back at work or how her kids are doing. She always appreciates when I listen to her and can let her vent or celebrate her wins and she does the same for me.

FASHION TIP: 2016 is all about the friend accessory. I wouldn’t be caught dead in public without my friend’s love and support.

Before I let my head hit the pillow I take my favorite color lipstick and I smear reminders for myself all over my bathroom mirror. This ensures that I will start the next day on a positive note.

The hottest phrases this season are; “Your strength is your biggest asset” and “Keep laughing-smiles cure everything.”

By the time I fall asleep I have a full on happy glow and am ready to start my routine all over again the next day.

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