There's No Talent Too Small

By: Daniella Aryeh, Guest Blogger

Recently, I was hanging out at a friend’s apartment with about twenty other people. Many of us did not know each other, so the hosts decided to do an icebreaker. The hosts compiled a list of over 250 questions, and we went around the room introducing ourselves and then picking a number. The number we chose corresponded to a question on the list.

Some people got questions I would have loved to answer, like “what three books would you want with you if you were stuck on a deserted island?” (Almost impossible to narrow it down to only three, but if I had to choose: The Kite Runner, The Da Vinci Code, and Me Before You). Someone else got “if you can travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?” (Again, really hard to narrow down…Greece! England! Ah!! Everywhere!!)

When it was my turn, I told everyone my name, where I am from, and then I chose number 223. “What is your weirdest talent?” the host read.

I was stuck. Weirdest talent? I have no idea. This was definitely not my favorite question.

When I was younger, I never had extracurricular activities. Unlike my four younger siblings, I don’t really play sports, I am not a dancer, I don’t act, I don’t play an instrument, and never took art lessons. And anyway, those aren’t weird talents.

During the ten seconds these thoughts were going trough my head, the girl sitting next to me whispered, “there is no talent is too small.”


WOW. What an interesting concept. It’s not that I think I am not talented. As I grew older, I realized I am talented in other ways. I am really good with languages (speak sign language and Hebrew). I love to write. I am great with kids. I am a people person. Oh, and I am constantly quoting Friends.

But this totally changed my perspective. There is no talent that is too small. Everyone has some talent. You just have to look at your abilities differently.  You don’t have to play an instrument or a sport or be artistic to be talented. When you are younger, it’s hard to see it that way. But it’s true. Talents come in all shapes and sizes. Just find what you’re good at. Everyone has something that they are good at.

Now how I answered that question, I honestly don’t remember. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is what that girl said to me.

There truly is no talent that is too small. Believe that. 

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dan.jpgI am in the process of completing my master’s degree in speech-language pathology. I love traveling, meeting new people, hanging on the beach, and will read anything I can get my hands on. I am obsessed with country music, and I constantly quoting Friends and One Tree Hill.




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