There is No Excuse

By Rachel Benbrook, Regular ContributorSeptember 10, 2015

Like many Americans, I try to stay involved and engaged in politics. I dutifully tuned into the GOP debate to try and stay informed on the candidates and their stances on important issues.

When FOX News analyst, Megyn Kelley, asked GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, about some of the controversial statements his made regarding women, he responded with anger and a defensiveness that I don’t believe would have been shown to a male journalist. Kelley quoted Mr. Trump by showcasing some of his derogatory statements towards women in the past and asked him how he would defend such statements should he come face to face with the current Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.


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In the past Mr. Trump had been quoted as calling women he doesn’t agree with “fat pigs, slobs, and disgusting animals.”  As if this were not outrageous behavior enough from a man seeking the highest political office, he then went on to say that Megyn Kelley had asked these questions with “blood coming out of her nose, blood coming out of her… wherever.” This tremendously disparaging remark presumably could only allude to one thing.

Mr. Trump’s sexist and atrocious remark should have all women (and men) actively paying attention.

Saying a woman who challenges your behavior has done so because she is hormonal is tremendously disrespectful and without scientific basis.

No man would ever have to endure such a personal and distasteful attack when attempting to do his job. Megyn Kelley was well within her right to ask these legitimate questions of Mr. Trump, and in doing so, she countered a response that should have everyone taking notice.

I stand with all women in America when I say that periods and menstruation are not an insult. Mr. Trump and all individuals must learn how to debate real issues, rather than taking personal sexist attacks at women and their bodies.

In the words of Mr. Trump’s fellow GOP challenger Carly Fiorina, “Mr. Trump: There is no excuse.”

We cannot stand by and let misogynistic statements become commonplace. Women deserve the same respect as men when they are doing their jobs.

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