The Wonders of Writing

By Dana Zillgitt, Regular ContributorOctober 10, 2015


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I’m such a cliché right now, sitting at a clean desk covered in notebooks, writing utensils, and at least a few books I won’t finish this year. I vented to my family earlier about how much I hate the written word sometimes, how much these words will never fix me, yet I keep coming back for more.

I keep coming back, looking for that same cathartic feeling that got me hooked when I was younger. I’m still looking for that never ending feeling that washes over you once you start writing or when you finish another glorious book that moves your soul.

I’m still looking to save myself, and writing has been the closest thing I’ve found that’s made me want to get up in the morning and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

See? Told you I was a cliché right now, and I’m only a little sorry about it. I know what it’s like to find that perfect author or two that just seems to understand everything, that makes you think a little differently and puts every emotion you’ve ever felt into perspective. So when I get texts or messages or emails saying my writing did the same thing for others, I melt a little bit on the inside. My insides get all sorts of topsy-turvy butterflies in the best way, and I can’t handle it. I can’t even, as some basic Starbucks lovers would say.

Knowing the fact that the words I string together into a sentence or a paragraph or even an article can even have some effect on somebody I will never meet in real life is utterly mind boggling to me.

It’s crazy to think that the seemingly irrational thoughts that made their way onto my page have had some impact on someone, somewhere.

I think that’s maybe why I want to do writing long term. I want to hold that nugget as long as I can (as long as I don’t get arthritis anytime soon). Writing’s one of the few things that has just always made sense to me. Something about spinning letters into words like yarn just keeps me yearning, keeps me dreaming. It’s a little concerning that I may also be incredibly caffeinated while writing this as well, but hey, clichés are almost always built on some element of truth, right?

The fact that words can and so frequently do change lives is insane to me.

Something as simple as a few lettered words can make or break something. The fact that a sentence in just the right way can blow somebody away into either a million pieces (figuratively, not literally) or build them up into something more than another glass castle is magic, pure absolute magic. I think that feeling of being able to create something out of nothing in order to have some impact is nothing short of extraordinary.

Writing is the only place I’ve ever made sense to myself. It’s the only place I’ve taught the devil to swing my way, only to slither away in fear. And the fact that other people can relate keeps reminding me that I’ve got company in this wild, wild world. It’s a beautiful place to be alive. And writing just brings me back to reality.

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