The Twin Thing, But With Different Last Names

By: Claire Biggs, Regular Contributor




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My twin sister and I don’t have the same last name anymore.

We’re still eerily similar in some ways. We both have the taste buds of teenage boys. We’re more than a little obsessed with our favorite TV shows. Oh, and yes, we still look identical. Her skin might a few shades darker, and her hair will always be lighter, but you’re probably going to have a hard time telling us apart when you first meet us.

But a lot has changed over the past few years. I moved to New York and back. She packed up and headed to Texas. I started writing for MTV, while she started her job with the Salvation Army. I spent hours on Twitter and Tumblr. She uploaded hundreds of pictures to Instagram.

Over the past few years, our differences became more apparent. We weren’t the same girls who shared a bedroom for 18 years.

We didn’t attend the same colleges. We weren’t interested in the same coursework.  

Most importantly, however, my sister met a guy. I was sitting on my borrowed bed in an Upper West Side apartment, having just moved to the city, when she told me he asked her to marry him.

She said yes.

Two years later and my sister and I no longer share the same last name.

The most bizarre thing about having a sibling get married is that everyone you have ever met starts to ask you when you’re thinking about getting married. The first few times are really jarring. To who, I ask, my imaginary partner? The next hundred times you’re more prepared. Actually, if I ever decide to get married; it puts you on the defensive because, really, what are you supposed to say?

Being a twin is a whole other animal. I go back home and get stopped in Target. How was the wedding? Aren’t you SO happy to be married? When’s the honeymoon? And you’re standing there, arms full of magazines and junk food, wondering when you started having so little in common with the girl you shared a room with for so many years.  

Even when we’re apart there are those constant, worrisome reminders that we have less in common than we used to.

Maybe this is a part of growing up that I didn’t anticipate. I assumed, when I did think about it, that we would change but become closer, not further apart.

They only exchanged their vows a couple of weeks ago, so maybe I just need to let the dust settle and see where things end up. Maybe, after the initial shocks wear off, I’ll realize that distance and names on paper and other, less substantial things aren’t really that important.

We still the same girls choosing cheese fries over salads and binge-watching Law & Order SVU every time we find a marathon on TV. Maybe I’ll find it’s less about the things that change and more about the things that stay the same.  

About Claire: Claire Biggs landed what she thinks is one of the best jobs in the world writing for MTV’s pro-social blog, MTV Act. She’s a writer who watches too much TV and reads even more books. She’s probably on Twitter (@ClaireMBiggs) right now.



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