The Truth About Living With Type One Diabetes

By: Brittney Schering, Guest Blogger


“No one knows how it really just FEELS day to day to live with it,” said Ashley Warrick, a twenty-something professional and BYU student who lives with Type One Diabetes.

Luckily, Warrick had her best friend beside her as they both endured the struggles of living with Type One. 

“She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Communications, paid her way through college,” Warrick said as she spoke highly of her friend. “Taking extra classes and staying active, running 3Ks and half marathons; within two months of graduating college, she moved to China.”

Moving away to China was not as simple as it could have been had she not needed to deal with the illness.

“She had to get all of her prescriptions lined up for a year before she left, but she did it,” Warrick said.


The amazing Ms. Ashley Warrick! Image courtesy of Brittney Schering


Warrick hopes to raise awareness of the possibilities life has to offer despite being struck by Type One Diabetes, she hopes to inspire others to not give up and pursue their dreams as her best friend did.

Type One Diabetes is typically diagnosed in children and young adults as an illness where the body does not produce the hormone insulin, which is needed to convert sugar, starch, and other food into energy for everyday life.

Just five percent of all people who struggle with diabetes have Type One.

Type One Mission (TOM) is a charity with intent to raise money for research projects regarding a cure for Type One Diabetes. While Type Two is also terrifying to suffer through, it can be avoided and suppressed via lifestyle changes. Type One, however, is much more difficult to prevent and subside without proper medication.

Type One Diabetes indeed affects your whole life, but as Warrick shares, it will not control your life so long as you take the reigns into your hands and realize you have just as much opportunity as the rest of the world despite this terrifying ailment. Believe you can push past it in the direction of your dreams and you will.

*For more resources and information about diabetes, visit The American Diabetes Association

About Brittney: Brittney Schering is a writer and full-time nanny in LA. She contributes to multiple publications and maintains two blogs; one personal, the other on life as a nanny. Schering is passionate about compassion, positivity, creativity, and children's best interests. She holds a Bachelor's degree in professional writing.


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