The Travel Bug

By Danielle Meeker, Regular ContributorOctober 1, 2015

There’s so much of this planet I want to explore. There’s so much to travel to, to investigate, to discover. You could say that now, in almost my mid-twenties, I have finally been bitten hard by the travel bug.

I’ve just gotten into watching Planet Earth on Netflix, and it’s blowing my mind. Besides the fact that some of the shots the filmmakers were able to capture are astounding, the documentary feeds my longing to see all of the beautiful places they highlight.

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I’ve wanted to go to Kenya since I was 8-years-old. My third and fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Fribbs, went and still goes almost every year with an organization called Good Samaritan Ministries. She used to tell us all about her adventures, the children she worked with, and the moments that made her trips so special. I was hooked on every word.

Now, 16 years later, I still haven’t gone, but the dream has never died. If anything, it’s gotten stronger the older I’ve gotten, because I can see all the possibilities. I see how there are ways to make this dream come true.

Save a little money here, save a little vacation time there and boom! We go from dream to reality in a heartbeat.

Now if only someone would go with me… :)

It doesn’t stop with Kenya. I want to see England, Australia, Mexico, Fiji, Spain, Greece, Italy…just to name a few! I want to get immersed in the culture, the history, the FOOD (oh yeah, it’s all about the food), and open up my horizons. The best way to learn something is to be ankle deep in it. The more we step away from the computer, step away from our own lives, the more rounded and empathetic we may be to life’s situations. So that map of the world on your wall with all the push pins of where you want to go? Pick one (or two, or four) and GET OUT THERE! The world is waiting for us to discover it.

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Do you have the travel bug? Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? Tell us below!

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