The Swimsuit Chronicles

By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular ContributorJuly 6, 2015

The other day, I stepped into a Target dressing room with bathing suits piled high in my arms. The first thought I had when I closed the door behind me was how much swimsuit shopping sucked. I hated having to try on suits that always seemed to fit me in the wrong place, while covering up the many things I didn’t like about myself.


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I tried the first one on. It was awful.

On to the next one- nope.

Then, I tried the third one on, almost kind of liking it. I stepped back, and then started to point out everything bad I saw.

If I could see it in this miniscule dressing room, certainly everyone at the beach would see it. Nope.

Fourth one? I was convinced that the back made me look like Shrek.

Fifth one? No. Why did I think that I could pull that off? I am not my skinny friends.

Sixth, I tried on a bathing suit that I picked up as a last-ditch effort to convince myself that maybe- just maybe- I could pull off a bikini this summer. I stood in front of the mirror and burst into tears. I guess I expected that I would look like everyone I saw on Instagram, but no.

I just looked like me.

I saw the freckle on my hip, the one I’ve been determined to get removed since I was 5. I saw the marks on my hips, stomach, and thighs from a year of self-medicating through food when I was lonely at school. I saw some cellulite. I saw a patch of leg hair that I missed in the shower. In my opinion, I didn’t see anything perfect. Instead, I saw things that could be lasered away and exercised off. I saw unflattering light and eyebrows that needed some shaping. Soon enough, I was about six inches away from the mirror, scrutinizing myself more than I have even come close to seeing anyone else.

Thirty minutes later and several long mirror stares later, I finally decided on one- black, strapless, one-piece- Basically, one that squeezes and slims in all the right places. When I was walking back to my car, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being silly.

Who cares what I look like in the suit? I went back and bought it.

I haven’t gotten the courage to wear it yet- but it’s a step.

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Are you ever insecure with your body? What's it like when you go swimsuit shopping? How do you gain the confidence to rock a swimsuit? Tell us below!

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