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By Danielle Meeker, Regular ContributorSeptember 19, 2015

Ok, I have something to admit to everyone: I LOVE YouTube. I watch it more than I watch mainstream television. Phew, it feels good to get that off my chest.

There are times where I have fallen down the rabbit hole of watching video after video, only to come back to reality wondering where the past three or more hours have gone. Need to learn how to make a pizza cake? There’s a video for that. Want to watch people make jokes and play board games? There’s a whole show dedicated to that! Some of my favorite creators on YouTube are Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart. I watch them religiously. To their fans they are known as “The Holy Trinity,” three insanely funny, beautiful women who have made their mark on the comedy world.

For me, they are the women who remind me on a daily basis just how much power you have to change the world by simply being true to yourself.

Lets focus on Hannah Hart. I learned about her YouTube channel, MyHarto, when I was a sophomore in college and quickly became obsessed with her once a week show, My Drunk Kitchen. The show is exactly what it sounds like. In the four years since she started her channel, I’ve watched her gain almost 2.3 million subscribers, go on tour around both North America and Australia, write a book, and encourage people to accept who they are and be proud to be themselves. I had the opportunity to meet her in Seattle, WA when she was on tour. By this point I’d had my own YouTube channel for about 6 months, and while posting regularly, I still felt self-conscious about what I was putting out there for the world to see. Did people like it? Would they watch? Did they even care?


image of Danielle with Hannah Hart

Her tour wasn’t just about being able to meet her (although, we all did meet and hug her and laugh and it was AMAZING!). Everyone who went to see her participated in about three hours of community service, while she moved from table to table chatting with us. The great thing was that in addition to being an all around lovely human being, she was EXACTLY the same in real life as she was on the Internet. I learned something from her that day:

People should like you for you, not the other way around.

Hannah Hart has built her success by being exactly who she is, and as a result, people like her for her. When it comes to work, relationships, friendships and in my case, all of the above plus YouTube, the most important people are the ones that see you, flaws and all, and love you all the same. So be who you want to be because you deserve to make yourself happy above all else.

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