The Power of the Page

By: Olivia Gardner, IATG Contributor March 9, 2016


Recently, I’ve felt the urge to read a story, a story about someone’s life or someone’s strength. The other day I pulled open the largest drawer to my desk, took out all my books, and just laid them out. I soon came across The Freedom Writers’ Diary; I have read it before and watched the movie countless times. I took my fingers to the cover, pulled that first page, and began reading. I was attached to it right away. I read this book in middle school as a summer assignment, and as much as I’d like to think I was invested in the book, I probably wasn’t.  Since then, I’ve grown - physically, mentally, and emotionally. I can now comprehend the words with a new perspective. As I delved into the introduction, something struck within me, and I think it might be because I have developed a passion for writing since I last read it.

Zlata writes, “one can pour oneself onto a great white emptiness and fill it with emotions and thoughts and leave them there forever.” Writing is a way to put down everything we think about, so we can refer to it later and reflect. Writing for me is what I can’t say with my mouth, but that I can with pen and paper.

Writing is a friend that will always be there when it seems like the world isn’t. It’s a comfort that won’t judge and criticize the words and thoughts you feel; it just takes it all in, in the hopes that you get something out of it yourself.

Writing is an art with the beautiful expressions and languages and words that flow together to craft a certain meaning. Writing is simple, yet can be so complex. It is beautiful and inspiring in the message and power it has to move and make change. Write out everything. Write out desires, passions, frustrations, pleasures, and opinions; let it all out with words.

Let’s Chat!

Why do you think writing is so powerful? What’s been on your mind lately? Let your thoughts wander then grab a pen and piece of paper and write it out! Share it with a friend or keep it to yourself to reflect on later!


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OLIVIA_GARDNER_writer_bio.jpgOlivia is a senior in high school from Colorado. She's involved with cross-country and is one of the captains for the girls' team. Sci-Tech also plays a big role in her life. She enjoys doing puzzles, yoga, and finding inspiring stories anywhere about people making the world a better place. She finds peace in cooking and baking because she can just satisfy her taste buds. She's always up for the moments when she can just blast some music and dance and sing with no cares or worries in the world. She loves life and loves the moments when she is able to relax and enjoy it for a little bit. Her blog about life and inspirations is


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