The Power of Positive Thinking

By Claire4Clarity, Guest Blogger June 11, 2015                                                        

This my land remains safe and tranquil. The Lotus Sutra 

There is a saying that goes, "When the student is ready the teacher appears." Over the past few months I have found this to be astoundingly accurate. I often meditate on the above quote from The Lotus Sutra. I believe this quote came into my life at precisely the right moment. It has quieted and calmed me through the past few turbulent months. 


Luckily, there are many books and articles written about the power of positive thinking and its ability to change lives. I am an optimistic person, and I constantly read books and articles about the power of positive thinking. Yet, it was only recently that I came to terms with how the application of positive thinking can boost your life. My life was seriously tested when a spate of challenging obstacles unexpectedly unfolded. They ran the gamut from lost friendships to personal health and family illnesses to financial and career challenges. It seemed everything was spinning out of control with no end in sight. Sadly, it felt as though my world was unraveling and I was powerless to stop the careening. 

Fortunately, I came across the affirmative and powerful words, "This my land remains safe and tranquil." Immediately, after uttering the words to myself, I felt a sense of peace and calm wash over me. I did not know at the time that my teacher had appeared within  thossix small words. Externally, my environment still rattled and shook, but incrementally I felt my inner self beginning to stabilize. I muttered positive affirmations before the advent of those words, which helped me to regain my focus and calm but only temporarily. Nowadays I can focus and stay in the positivity much longer. Day by day, minute by minute I begin to collect the scattered pieces of my battered psyche. It is difficult and arduous work. Nevertheless, as I feel more positive from the inside, my environment is responding.

As I continue making efforts to heal from the inside out, I notice the smallest of changes. Everything has significance and meaning. 

Consequently, I learned that in order for my life to change, I had to become positive from the inside out. It is very difficult for negativity to dwell in a place where there is always positivity and light. Over the course of the past eight months my perspective shifted. I am ever watchful of my thoughts, making sure that they stay positive and clear. It is hard work to constantly monitor my mind and continuously clear the negative clutter. However, it must be done in order to win in my life. Daily, the light gets brighter and I am finally regaining control. There are still challenges and obstacles to face and overcome, but there is a new me in the room. Finding the courage to revamp your inner debilitating thought patterns, throw them out, reassess and reorganize in positive is arduous work, but it is worthwhile. 

Today, my life is full and the days no longer languish in nothingness. I go to bed at the same time each night: Wake up, meditate, and pray at the same time. Order and consistency helps make life more manageable. There are still days when life throws me a curveball, but taking those as they come, and giving myself a pat on the back every once in a while, helps to keep me centered and balanced. In times of duress, it is best to remain grounded in positive thought while anchoring yourself to something larger. 


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How do you remain positive on a day to day basis? What techniques have worked for you? Have you ever had a particularly challenging moment that was hard to stay positive? How did you overcome it? Tell us below!




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  • commented 2015-07-17 16:53:16 -0700
    Love the last line: “In times of duress, it is best to remain grounded in positive thought while anchoring yourself to something larger.” This definitely requires a lot of practice! I am so happy that you were able to transform the way you think and now have the ability to stay positive! You give the rest of us hope that it is possible!

    For me, positivity comes from making the effort to stay positive. I find that gratitude helps! I do need to work on consistency and keep practicing! xo

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