The Power of Optimism

By: Amaranthia Gittens-Jones, Guest Blogger

"Never, never, never give up." -Winston Churchill

Optimism rocks because it gives me the courage to keep moving forward, no matter what. When people tell me I should lower my expectations, I refuse to be pressured. When they tell me I’m too young to have immense dreams or to aspire to higher ideals because I’m 'still a ‘child,’ I stay the course.

Rejection and destructive criticism will always be painful to hear, but I have learned it is better to keep going forward, even if something someone says is hurtful. I embrace constructive criticism because it helps me to grow. Learning to live in the present while keeping my feet on the ground is not effortless, but for me it is the best way because I know things always change. Something might look awful today, but if you have the valor to face it with hopefulness, the outcome can be favorable.

I believe optimism is like the combination of a gas pedal and a car. Positivity is the gas pedal, which allows you to move forward, leaving pessimism behind. The car is your fortitude, driving you frontward to your goals. In order to arrive at your destination you cannot have one without the other. Optimism gives you the motivation to get to where you are going. 

When I was diagnosed with an auto-immune at 13 years old, I of course panicked. It was a gigantic shift for my family: a switch of diet, new doctors, and medicine. After a while, I determined I would beat the illness. I decided not to be scared, and not let pessimism overtake me. I used my art to heal, and was optimistic about my medical tests changing from positive to negative. I kept working hard at healing my body, eating the right foods, controlling my anxiety, and my tendency to become stressed.


Shine With Positivity, By Amaranthia Gittens-Jones

In 2014, my doctor found an endocrinologist who understood my illness. They tested me the next day to distinguish what specific auto-immune I could possibly have. My family and I waited a week or more for the results. I became stressed, unsure of what the results would be or if and if I needed to go to the hospital for more invasive tests. Fortunately, I became optimistic again, believing the results would be clear, and even if they weren't, I would be able to have enough courage and strength to get overcome any hurdles. Miraculously, the results came back fully negative for an auto-immune.

No matter what, it's better to be optimistic since it motivates you to get out of bed every day. After what I went through with my illness, I realized the importance of optimism and determination. My parents tell me that determination should always be your starting point. The first thought that comes into your head before you set a goal determines your course.

Instead of saying 'I never,''I can't,''I shouldn't,''I won't,' start your sentences and thoughts with 'I will,’ or ‘I am determined to.’ The other phrases are negative, pessimistic and full of doubt. 'I will' and ‘I am determined to’ are starting points that immediately make your mind think, "I can do this-I will do this." I believe Optimism can lead to a happier life. You'll be in high spirits, strong-minded, and audacious, as long as you remind yourself to be optimistic every single day. This is why, for me, optimism truly rocks!

Let's Chat! How do you stay optimistic when facing obstacles in your life? Tell us here! 

AMARANTHIA_JONES.jpgAbout Amaranthia: Amaranthia Sepia Gittens-Jones is 15 years old. She aspires to be a Mangaka (manga artist) and graphic artist. In the future, her goal is to finish her graphic novel/fantasy novel ‘Whimsy’ by the end of high school and become a successful writer and artist. Follow her at:, Art Portfolio:, and @foxesandthings

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